LCHF #18: Famous Last Words

Continued from… LCHF #17: Back on track?

I am, however, keeping an eye on my weight, because I don;t want that to run up too high again. If needed, I will take action! I know I can!

last wordsThe above words was the last I said on the 1st of June last year, and just look what has happened. Exactly what I said would not happen: my weight has run up far too high again. In fact, I came 2 kilograms shy from the number I was when I started my LCHF journey. You don’t want to know how many times I have started a post to say I am going to get back to LCHF again, but then failed within two days of trying.

Up to this time.

I decided to do it differently. Not the eating part, but the getting started part. Instead of announcing it and then starting, I started first and here I am to tell you that, yes, I finally AM back on track again. I started on 3 January – weighed myself and took all my measurements, the way I did it before. In 10 days time I have lost almost 4 kilograms, something that makes me really happy. And it also motivates me to continue.

When I was on LCHF before mom got ill and Master T’s problems were only getting worse, I had lost 17 kilograms. Of that I have gained 15, of which now I have lost almost 4 again. That means I have another 11 to lose and then I want to lose at least 5 more before I am happy. I have put my goal on 31 December 2018, to reach the weight then, because I know the weight loss is quite quick at this moment, but gradually it will be less. Also, on Saturdays I am allowing myself some things that I shouldn’t eat or drink, but I have done that last year too and that worked perfectly.

I am an emotional eater, which clarifies the weight gain. Yes, I could have kept an eye on my weight all the time through the emotional turmoil around my mom’s passing, but frankly, I didn’t have the strength to do so. I reverted to muffins and toasted cheese and chocolate and lots of latte macchiato to make me feel better, to keep me busy, to comfort me. Up to mom’s funeral I had some kind of control over it, but after that it went downhill. Seriously downhill.
As I said, the result of that was a weight gain of 15 kilograms.

I am eating the LCHF way again and this time it’s going to work. When I did it last year, I shared images of my progress, but I am not ready yet to start sharing images again. I am just happy to be able to say I am back on track again. This time really, also because it is one of my goals for 2018!

This also means you can expect more posts about my renewed LCHF journey.

To be contiued… LCHF #19

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3 thoughts on “LCHF #18: Famous Last Words

    i also know how difficult it is to loose weight
    i give up all alcohol in january and that helps me to loose an inch around the tum and approx 14 lbs but i could do with loosing a bit more
    i am lucky being just under 6 ft tall the extra doesnt show toooo much but i guess i should try to get down to about 155 lbs
    so keep it up girl – i am sure you will get there and we are all rooting for you
    i look forward to seeeing the pictures once you feel comfortable sharing
    happy 2018 and may it be a better year for you and Mr T

  2. It is perfectly okay, you had other things which needed all your attention and strength. You’ll be okay, end of this year you can be even more proud of yourself, I ‘m sure!

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