Working late

Jakko slammed his fist on the table.
He had been sitting here with the same spreadsheet for hours and just couldn’t get the numbers to add up. Somewhere he had a wrong formula or a miscalculation and he had not been able to trace it yet. Jakko dropped his head in his hands. Out of pure frustration he tangled his fingers in his hair and pulled.
“This is going nowhere,” he said out loud and lowered his hands again. He clicked on the icon to save the file, locked his computer and pushed the button to switch off the screen. Jakko stood up and stretched. Not only his brain was tired after being busy with numbers all day; actually his entire body was exhausted.

He retrieved his coat from the rack behind his desk and at that moment he saw the closed blinds. Earlier that evening he had closed them, as he didn’t like the idea of being prying eyes watching him from to office building on the other side of the street. Not that anyone would be there at this time of the night, except maybe the cleaners. Jakko opened the blinds, put his cioat on, picked up his briefcase and walked to the office door. He turned back to his desk once more to make sure that he had everything and certain that it was the case, he switched the light off.

Just when he wanted to turn back to open the office door, his eye caught a movement.

Carefully, as if she could hear him, he put his briefcase on the floor and slowly he walked to the window. In the office building across from him, exactly at the same height as his office was, a light was on in an office. A woman sat with her back turned to him. Apparently she was still working. For some or other inexplicable reason, Jakko felt a bond with her. He wanted to call out to her: come on, let’s go home! We’ve done enough!
For a moment he had to laugh at his own impulsive move to knock on the window in an attempt to get her attention. But, maybe if he looked at her long enough, her sixth sense would tell her that she was not alone?

The woman on the other side – what would she be called? Anne? Petra? Sophie? No, with those lovely long brown hair she looked more like Emma – leaned back in her chair. To Jakko it looked like the movement was born of despondency. Was she also battling with a spreadsheet? he wondered. He waited until she would, just like he did, decide to go home. The moving images on the screen in front of her drew his attention away from the back of her head. He couldn’t see all of it, but from what he could make out at this distance it looked a lot like naked bodies. Was she watching porn?

Emma pushed her chair backwards – the floor to ceiling gave Jakko a perfect view – and turned so Jakko could now see the side of her face. Her computer screen was now completely visible. Not in detail, but enough to make out two bodies fucking. Jakko watch in surprise when Emma undid the buttons of her blouse and pulled her breasts out of her bra. She kneaded the flesh and seemed to be pinching her nipples too. Jakko’s cock perked up. Emma pushed her blouse from her shoulders and took it off. She stood up and pulled her skirt up until it was bundled around her middle. Another surprise: she was wearing stockings! He could not think of any one of his female colleague to wear stockings. What surprised him even more was that Emma wasn’t wearing any knickers. She sat down again and put one foot on her desk. He couldn’t see exactly what she was doing, but the movement of her arms told him she was playing with herself.

Jakko’s hand moved to his crotch. He cupped it firmly and for a moment he considered pulling his zipper down to wank. He longed for some kind of relief after a long and hard working day, but was this really what he wanted? To wank like a horny youngster while he watched how a beautiful woman pleasured herself in her office? No, Jakko decided, I want to enjoy what she has to offer. He didn’t remove his hand from his crotch.

Emma bent forward and opened a desk drawer. What looked like a vibrator came into sight. It could also be a white candle. Jakko couldn’t see it clearly. Emma turned her chair once more and now her back was turned to her computer screen and she was facing Jakko. She had forgotten about the porn on her screen. The white of the vibrator was a sharp contrast to the darkness between her legs. The white disappeared. With one hand she fucked herself with the vibrator, with the other she kneaded her breast and pinched her nipple. Emma seemed to be looking straight at Jakko and he wondered whether she could see him in his dark office.

Her mouth was open and he could imagine that she was breathing hard. Jakko waited for the orgasm that would unmistakably follow, but then Emma stopped. She turned back to her desk and seemed to retrieve another vibrator from the drawer. She held the white vibrator upright in her hand and the other above that. Suddenly Jakko realized what she was doing. It wasn’t a vibrator, but lube. She was pouring lube over the vibrator. Then Emma stood up and turned around. Her uncovered, round backside invited Jakko to join in. He tightened his grip on his erection and a horny shiver ran through his body.

Emma kneeled on her chair and reached back. Only seconds later Jakko realized that she was slowly pushing the vibrator into her arse. He rubbed his erection and once again he withstood the urge to wank. In a slow tempo, Emma fucked herself. Her other hand appeared between her legs. Minutes long Jakko watched while the lady indulged herself. Her body tensed and her movements stopped. Even from this distance Jakko could she that she had a climax. Carefully she got off the chair and then turned to the window. She pushed her naked body against the glass and looked down, to the street below, where no one could see her. Her round breasts were beautifully etched against the glass. She looked up and again Jakko was sure that she looked straight at him. Was it his imagination or did she just blew him a kiss before she turned around, pulled down her skirt and put on her blouse? She disappeared from sight and when she came back, she put the vibrator back in the drawer. Emma sat down, switched off her computer, stood up again and grabbed her coat.

At that moment Jakko realized that she was leaving the office. He rushed to the hallway and the lifts and hoped furiously that he would bump into her in the street…

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  1. Great short story
    got me all hot and bothered – just wish i had an office block opposite
    me 🙂

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