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plural noun: gadgets
– a small mechanical or electronic device or tool, especially an ingenious or novel one.
“a variety of kitchen gadgets”
synonyms: appliance, apparatus, instrument, implement, tool, utensil, contrivance, contraption, machine, mechanism, device, labour-saving device, convenience, invention, thing

If you read the explanation above, it is clear that a gadget is supposed to be something electronic or mechanical, but the one ‘gadget’ I really love is not that at all. On the other hand, if I really want to stretch that definition, I can argue that my gadget definitely IS mechanical. It has a front and a back and it can open and it has pages and those can turn too and it has been beautifully bound (by a machine, no doubt).

I think you have guessed it already. My ‘gadget’ is a book. But not just any book…

The background

Back at the end of July, after mom’s passing and her funeral I was very restless and not focused at all. I wanted to get back into my blog work (not that I have really stopped blogging at all) and I needed to plan out the rest of my year. You see, I already had the Smut Marathon in mind and I knew it’s going to be a lot of work, but I also wanted to start earning money with my blog. More money, because I had earned bits and pieces here and there. I started looking around for a proper planner and then, after I had already searched the Internet for about a week, I remembered that I had once saved an email with an interesting ad. I started searching for it and there it was: the Passion Planner.

But, there was one problem. It was only August. Buying a 2017 version seemed like a waste of money as it was already August and I didn’t want to wait until December to order a 2018 version.

Starting in August 2017

As I browsed the site I came across an interesting concept on the Passion Planner website. They don’t only have pre-printed versions of their planners but also have versions where you can enter the dates yourselves. I think I thought about this for 2 days, mentioned it to Master T a million times and then made the decision. I was going to buy the Passion Planner – the undated version. I checked the site to see which one I wanted and classic version where the week started on Monday (you also have one where the week starts on Sunday).

Three weeks later I had the planner in my hand. It’s a beautiful A4 sized leather bound book with sturdy pages. I couldn’t wait to start using it and I didn’t. I backdated it one week, starting my planner on 14 August 2017 and to be very cliché: I never looked back. My planner is always with me (okay, not when we go to a restaurant or a bar) and I love using it.

It’s magic!

passion planner
Come on, surely seeing this must make you go wet, the way it does me?

I have color-coded different things to focus on, such as family, work-for-boss, blog work and me-time. That way I can immediately see whether my week is in balance, since I tend not to take enough me-time. For every week you can add a personal to-do list, as well as one for your work. You also have a space of infinite possibility that you can use as a space to plan things for the week, or use it as I do: as a diary to write down my thoughts on the last week.

At the end of each month, I do a reflection. This is not something I would have done, had it not been that the Passion Planner has that section in it. For me that section is in the beginning of the passion planner, but if you buy a dated one, then you have the overview of the month, then the month split up into the different weeks and then you have the reflection of the month before you start the new one. I don’t mind going back to the front of the planner to do my reflection. At the back of the planner you have several white pages and several pages with squares where you can do calculations or make notes.

I love my Passion Planner so much that in 2017, on Black Friday, I bought two for the price of one, so I can continue with it in August when the current one runs out.

This ‘gadget’ is magic. It keeps me focused and makes me look back on what the past month has bring, but also makes me look forward to the month ahead.

Not sponsored

Just so you know: I have not been sponsored by the Passion Planner to talk about it, but with the number of times I have mentioned them, they might just as well send me compensation. Just joking! All I wanted to do, was to share this wonderful tool – gadget – with you. It’s the beginning of the year – you can still hop over and order a dated version for 2018.

Other gadgets

I have always been a lover of books and pens. There is nothing that make me happier than to be able to write in a book, to make lists, to keep track of things – on paper.
But, there are some other gadgets I love too. I guess you can say my sex toys, such as the Doxy and the Womanizer are my two favorite gadgets when it comes to sex. But, my mobile phone is a very important gadget too. I love that I always have my email with me, my electronic agenda (yes, I have that too, despite the Passion Planner) and that I can chat on social media whenever I want to. Another gadget I love is my new camera, which I will get to know even better when I start a camera course in two weeks.

See, I really am a gadget girl!

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