Visions of Eight

eightOn 26 January 2010, on a whim, I started Rebel’s Notes. That was eight years ago today. Today I want to reflect back to the past eight years.

How did it start? I think it must have been a moment where I told Master T that I want to put my writing online, he said I should do it and next thing I had a blogger blog, called Rebel’s Notes. Why the name? I have always seen myself as a rebel as I never felt I fitted into the ‘normal’ way things are done, but I never did rebellious things. Except for getting pregnant when I was 16.
I wanted to do something with the name and since I wanted to use the blog for my writing, I came to the name ‘Rebel’s Notes’. It was simply going to be a place where I could put my stories. Nothing more.

I posted two stories in two parts (they are still on the blog but I cringe when I read them!) and then stopped posting for months, because nothing happened. No one read it. It was November before I finally had an idea how I wanted to continue and by the first birthday of the blog I had discovered Twitter and how to promote my blog.

I think it was in 2011 that I moved over to WordPress and then, in 2012 I went to a self-hosted site and never looked back.

With this being the eight birthday of this creation of mine, I want to look back on what I have achieved with something I have started ‘on a whim’:

  • I started Wicked Wednesday in June 2012 when both Wank Wednesday and Wanton Wednesday stopped. It first started on my main site, but later I made a sub-domain for it.
  • Also in 2012, on 1 December to be precise, I started a Dutch writing group which I hosted for five years before passing the control on to someone else so I could concentrate fully on the English community. I also hosted an erotic writing marathon for four of those five years.
  • In the years I have also taken over and started other memes, but I am not actively promoting them anymore. Those memes are: The Oral Sex Project, The Menopause Diaries and Sexy Searching. I do check the memes occasionally to see if new posts have been linked.
  • We will be attending Eroticon for the fifth time this year. We didn’t go to the first and last year we canceled our plans because of my mom’s illness.
  • In the 8 years of my blog I have gone from being entirely secretive about it to the point where everyone knows I have a blog, but only a selected few has the link.
  • My first book has been published in 2016 and I have been published in several anthologies.
  • My blog has been mentioned on several top lists over the years.
  • Last, but not least, I have started a new project which I am planning to do for years: the Smut Marathon.

Back when I started this blogging journey, I have never thought it would bring me what it did. It gave me more self-confidence, made me meet beautiful people and allowed me to be who I really am, to follow my passions and help other people where I can while writing about my own experiences and thoughts. I love the erotic community. It’s one of the most welcoming and loving communities there is!

Most years I have celebrated my blogoversary with some kind of photo, but this year I want to point you to eight stories with more than 2 parts:

There are more, but because it’s the eight birthday of this blog, I will leave it at that.

One thing that I never forget is that my blog would not have been a success if you, my readers, have not continuously supported me. Thank you for that! I’m planning to stay at least another 8 years, but possibly even twice as long. I’m not planning to go anywhere anytime soon!

Oh, and just for the record, because I am quite the stats whore: this is the 2210th post on Rebel’s Notes!

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5 thoughts on “Visions of Eight

  1. Wonderful post lovely !!!
    Congratulations on your blogaversary.
    I always enjoy reading . . . your posts always evoke so many different emotions and inspire and motivate so many others I’m sure.

    Xxx – K

  2. well done you and here’s to the next twenty eight years 🙂
    very best wishes

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