Laura’s Christmas

Warning: This story has violent scenes!

With a dramatic sign Laura planted her bottom on the bar stool and leaned her chin on her hands.
“Heavy day, girlie?” Jan, the bar owner, asked, while he put a wine glass in front of her and pour red wine in it.
“Thanks, Jan. I really need this,” said Laura, and only then she answered his question: “the day was okay, but man oh man, the Christmas dinner. Such a fuss every year.”
“Ah yes, the Christmas dinner with your colleagues!”
“Exactly! Boooooring!”
Laura pulled a face to emphasize how boring the dinner was before she took a big sip of her wine.

“What’s wrong with your colleagues?”
Laura turned around. An attractive man was the owner of the voice.
“Everything,” she answered, “and nothing. I just don’t like these compulsory poontangs with them.”
“Poontangs hey!” he laughed ambiguously. “Jan, may I have another beer please?”
“What are you doing her so late, Mitch?” Jan asked while he poured a beer.
“You know me!” Mitch laughed, “I’m here for the poontangs!”
Laura blushed when she saw Mitch looking her up and down, from top to toe, and that his eyes stopped at her ass a bit longer. A lovely tingling took hold of her body and her pussy went wet. She closed her legs and to distract herself, she took another sip of her wine.

Two new guests came in and Jan got into a conversation with one of them.
“So lady, you don’t like those compulsory poontangs then?” Mitch said just loud enough for Laura to hear. He was obviously flirting with her.
“Not with my colleagues, no,” she answered. Now she was the one who took him in from top to toe. An amused smile played around his mouth when her eyes returned to his face. While keeping her gaze captive with his, he leaned forward until his mouth was close to her ear.
“I have a weakness for women in leather skirts,” he whispered, “your ass,” and with these two words he put his hand on her derriere, “looks fabulous in it.”
“You should be curious to know what I’m wearing under the skirt.”
The words were out even before Laura could think about it. She wished she had never said them.

Again he only spoke when his mouth was close to her ear.
“Do you dare show me?”
Laura took another sip of her wine. She didn’t look at him; didn’t answer him either. Words escape her. Every fiber of her body screams ‘yes’, but a little decency-angel sat on her shoulder and admonished her: “No Laura, no!”
“Pour the lady another glass, Jan,” Mitch requested the barman and Laura realized that she had finished the glass of wine in a record tempo.
“Are you trying to get me drunk?” she asked in an attempt to break the silence between them.
“Well,” Jan said from behind the bar, “you know what they say about drunken women.”
“Oh?” Mitch asked, “do tell.”
Jan only laughed, winked at Laura and turned back to the other side of the bar to help another guest.

After two more glasses of wine, Laura and Mitch were in a deep conversation about everyday things. Jan stood on the other side of the bar talking with one of the regular guests and seemed to give the couple some room. Laura liked Mitch. Where in the beginning of the evening she realized she was wet, the wine had helped to make her so horny that she had thrown all caution in the wind. She turned to Mitch, placed one foot on the bottom of his stool and the other on the footrest of the bar. Mitch watched her but didn’t see yet that she was slowly spreading her legs. Laura took his hand and pushed it under her skirt. Mitch found her wetness and gently pushed her lips apart, looking for more.

“My car is outside,” he said.
Laura promptly hopped off the bar stool. She grabbed her coat, put it on and walked to the door of the bar. Behind her she heard Mitch say: “Keep the change, Jan.”
He followed her outside, grabbed her hand and walked her to his car, which was one of the few still in the parking lot. Laura got in the car and wondered what she was doing. But, her horny feelings had the overhand. She had drowned her common sense in the fourth glass of wine.

Mitch got in on the other side and started the car.
“Where are we going?” Laura asked.
“I know a place.”
Ten minutes later he parked the car in a parking lot at the edge of a dark forest.
“So lady, so you are so horny,” he laughed and pulled Laura closer. His hand immediately went to her skirt and pushed it up. His fingers roughly penetrated her.
“Careful,” Laura said but Mitch didn’t seem to hear her. She tried to push his hand away, but didn’t manage. How it happened, Laura could later not remember. She was flat on the chair and Mitch’s big body lay on her. Her leather skirt was around her hips.

Laura fought. She hit his chest. She kicked with her legs; turned her body in an attempt to throw him off her. Nothing worked. The more she fought, the stronger Mitch seem to become. His words scared her.
“Come on, slut, don’t pretend you don’t want this! All night you sat there provoking me. Horny bitch!”
“Stop. Get off me!” Laura screamed.
Mitch pushed his arm under her legs, lifted them up and grabbed her wrists. Folded double and stretched open she lay under him. When he had taken his dick out of his pants, she didn’t know, but when he entered her, she fought like a tiger. Without success.
“No!” she screamed, “no! No, no, no, no, no!”
Her screaming changed into whimpering and eventually died down until only the silence remained.

Two days later, Laura sat on the windowsill in her nightgown, staring outside. The rainy weather on the other side of the window reflected her dark mood. How could I have been so stupid? Why didn’t Mitch stop me? No, it’s my fault. It was my fantasy, I wanted it. I wish I had never done it.
Strong arms grabbed her fro behind and pulled her against his hard chest.
“What’s wrong, my sweet love? You haven’t been yourself these last two days,” her husband said.
Already formed tears drew traces of grief over Laura’s cheeks.
“I wanted it. I really wanted it. But…”
Her voice died away. Laura buried her face against his chest. Raw sobs tore through her body. Mitch held his wife tight. He had already said everything he could. Laura remained inconsolable.
“But… there is too big a difference between fantasy and reality,” Mitch finished her sentence.

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11 thoughts on “Laura’s Christmas

  1. This was really well written, I was drawn into Laura’s character and what was happening. CNC is such an emotional tightrope to begin with it seems to be a popular fantasy for many. Yet when you step over that line there is always the possibility of landmines.

  2. I’ve come back to this several times now, and I have not only conflicting internal responses but also dually feel that {a} I have a lot to say about the story you’ve woven, and {b} I’m left completely speechless by it.

    This is possibly the most viscerally evocative piece of writing I’ve ever come across where CNC is concerned. It’s beautiful and terrible and somehow sweetly horrifying in its realisticness.

    Very well written.

  3. what a lovely twist at the end bringing things back in a way to happiness – yes it was a fantasy but wasn’t she was lucky enough to have an understanding husband to play it out with.

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