Black Hole


I stand in the middle of the room. No, I think I am standing in the middle of the room. Since the blindfold has been put over my eyes, I have been grabbed by the arms a couple of times and moved to stand in a different spot. I try to look down to see my feet but only darkness meets my eyes. Since I cannot see anything anyway, I close my eyes.

I smile as the thought strike me that there is no need for him to put the blindfold over my eyes as they are almost always closed. Whether I am flogged or fucked, I love to close my eyes and just be in the sensation. Feeling the blindfold covering my eyes just adds to the excitement, blindfolds are magic, enhancing the connection I feel with him. It heightens my senses and makes me aware of everything around me, even though I cannot see. But in fact, I do see. I see the sounds, see the way he touches me, see how he swings the flogger. My senses seem to be turned into sight, even though there is a black hole in front of me.

Why is it, when my eyes are uncovered and he walks around me, I don’t hear the rustling of his clothes or feel the draft of air as he moves? Why is it that when he swings the flogger, the swish of the wind seems so much softer when I am not blindfolded? Why, when I can see him, does he taste so much sweeter when he pushes his cock into my mouth? What is it about a blindfold that makes everything be so much more intense?

To me being blindfolded is about surrender. It’s about giving up control, about letting go. When I let go, I seem to open myself for other things. When I let go, touch and taste intensify, everything I feel and experience seems to be magnified. Surrendering and letting go allows me to experience, to undergo. That’s why I say that a blindfold is magic, as that tiny piece of black over my eyes is enough to transport me to a different playing field.

Having said all this, I have to add that I am not able to let go with just anyone. There has to be some kind of chemistry between us, before I am willing to let go. When it’s Master T putting a blindfold on my eyes, I let go the instant I see the blindfold approaching. With Mister Silent, if ever he gets to blindfold me, I will eventually be able to let go to. There is, at this moment, no one else I can think of with whom I will be able to let go and just give in an over to all sensations.

A blindfold is a magic item, but the one putting it on me has to be special to me too!

© Rebel’s Notes

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