New Year’s Ball

Sophie was absolutely not in the mood for this. What did this new director think? That he could win souls with this action of him? And to make it even worse, it was a masked ball. In the past, they never had parties – no end-of-year parties, no New Year’s drinks and certainly no masked balls! But, this new director, William Peters, wanted to make a good impression and suddenly all these parties happened. It was a gift to all employees, the memo said. A gift! Sophie could use her time better, but as secretary of the board she felt obliged to at least show her face. She almost laughed at her thoughts. Show her face? That, of course, was impossible. Sophie played with the thought not to go, but her sense of responsibility was just too big.

She entered the big hall dressed as Marilyn Monroe. She had to descent a couple of steps to enter the hall, as it lay lower than the entrance to it. Sophie looked over the crowd and involuntarily smiled behind her mask. They could fill a zoo with all the animals walking around here. But, there were other figures too. She thought she recognized Indiana Jones, but also Cleopatra, Betty Boop, Cinderella and even the genie from Aladdin. Charlie Chaplin approached her. Sophie stiffened. This must be the stupid director. Ever since the moment he was introduced to her, she had disliked him. She hated beautiful men and William was one of them.

“Marilyn,” Charlie Chaplin said from behind his mask, “it’s a delight to see you here. Come on!”
He grabbed her and helped her down the stairs.
“Get yourself something to eat and drink,” he said when they got to a long table and immediately pushed a glass of wine into her hand. From behind her mask she looked at him with half-closed eyes. Yes, this was William. She knew for sure that she had recognized his voice, despite the mask distorting it. Charlie Chaplin stayed at her side. Together with him she joined a small group of animals: a giraffe, an elephant, two Bambi deer and a zebra. Zorro stood between the giraffe and the zebra. He was dressed entirely in black, with a hat on his head, a typical Zorro-mask covering his eyes and even a cape to complete his outfit. His masculine appearance and the way his eyes held hers captive sent delicious shivers down her spine.

Sophie averted her eyes and turned to the zebra.
“Nice party,” she said and the zebra nodded, but said nothing. Sophie excused herself from the group and walked back to the table with drinks. She got herself a second glass of wine and stayed next to the table, until she saw Charlie Chaplin making his way towards her again. She pretended not to see him and walked to the other side, where she just started talking to a random figure. It turned out to be one of her direct colleagues and their laughter had the right effect: Charlie Chaplin kept his distance. It was that moment that she saw him again: Zorro. He just stood there, watching her with his smoldering dark eyes. Again she felt the butterflies in her tummy, and this time even a drop escaping between her labia. What was it with this man?!

Meanwhile masked figures were dancing. It looked ridiculous. Sophie saw the two Bambi deer dancing with each other and close to them the zebra tried to steer the elephant over the dance floor. Sophie decided to stay a little while longer and then leave. I have done my duty, she thought and picked up a third glass of wine. The wine had the same effect on her as always: it made her restless. When for the umpteenth time that night she found Zorro’s eyes on her, she felt her panties go wetter. She crossed and clenched her legs and tried to concentrate on the conversation around her, but without success. The music stopped playing and there he was, in front of her. He had his hand stretched out to her. In a trance Sophie put her hand in his gloved one.
“Marilyn,” he said and pulled her to the dancing floor with him.

He held her close, so close that Sophie could feel every muscle in his chest and belly moving while dancing. But, she felt more. A tension. An unspoken message. She pushed herself against his hard body. Sophie no longer paid attention to the dancing figures around them. She was only aware of this man. He steered her around the dancing floor to the rhythm of the music. She kept her eyes focused on his face. Only when the door clicked behind her, she realized that they had left the dancing floor. Zorro still had her tightly in his embrace and in the twilight she saw his face coming closer. She offered him her lips. The kiss was hard and hungry. His hand moved to her bottom. He gripped her hard and pulled her hard against him. Sophie felt that he was just as excited as she was.

Zorro pulled her towards the couch, the only piece of furniture in the room. He pushed her against the back of the couch and surprised her completely when he covered her eyes with something and tied it behind her head. Her hands moved up to remove the blindfold and her mask, but Zorro quickly pinned them behind her back while he pushed her body forward. Sophie was now hanging over the couch. For a moment, she thought about struggling, but she didn’t really want to. Zorro pulled her white Marilyn Monroe dress up, pushed her panties to the side and penetrated her with two fingers. Sophie groaned with pleasure. She spread her legs to give him more room. He surprised her by getting down on the floor and between her legs without pulling his fingers from her cunt. His warm breath on her erect clitoris brought her on the edge of an orgasm. In a perfect rhythm he licked and sucked her button while fucking her with his fingers. Her orgasm splashed over his fingers. He continued until she had a second orgasm before he pulled his fingers from her.

He got up from the floor and stood between her and the couch. Sophie enjoyed his hands touching her everywhere. Her breasts, her bottom, her labia. She sighed and spread her legs again, inviting him to finger her again. Because she wasn’t able to see anything, she seemed to be imagining things. Zorro seemed to be everywhere at the same time. Sophie wanted to see it but didn’t want to see it. His hands were everywhere. One moment he grabbed her breast, the next he slapped her ass. When he pushed his hands under her buttocks and picked her up, she willingly lowered herself onto his cock. Moans filled the room. A hard slap on her bottom surprised her. Sophie enjoyed the unrestrained fucking and couldn’t wait to see who this perfect lover was. This party wasn’t so bad after all. She threw her head back and moaned her climax at the same time as his cock contracted inside her when his seed left his body.

“Let’s not walk out of here together,” he said after he had helped her to straighten her clothes. With the blindfold still covering her eyes, he steered her towards the door and just before he softly pushed her outside, he removed the blindfold. Sophie looked back, desperate to see his face, but the door blocked her view. She turned back to the dancing crowd and looked right into the eyes of… Zorro!

His dark, brooding eyes seemed to lure her and a meaningful smile played around his face. A bit dazed she walked towards him. Confused thoughts and questions raced through her mind. She had almost reached him when he broke eye contact with her and looked at something behind her. She turned to look and saw Charlie Chaplin coming out of the room. The two men nodded at each other, obviously sharing a secret. Sophie looked from Charlie Chaplin to Zorro and back again.
“Yes, both of us,” Zorro answered her unspoken question.

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7 thoughts on “New Year’s Ball

  1. I loved your story, Marie. ‘and the zebra said nothing’, I’d love to be at a party like that, I’ve always wanted to fuck Betty Boop. What a fun and hot tale, with sex writing at this level, I hope you are not competing in the Smut Marathon.

  2. What a delightfully fun New Year’s Eve twist. “His hands were everywhere” nice foreshadow 😉

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