Anal Sex: Is It A Kink?

To me it’s not a kink, as it’s very much part of my sexual desires. I don’t see masturbation or having ‘regular’ sex as a kink, since those are part of the things I like. I like anal sex, so it’s not a kink. Then again, I also like to be spanked, liked to be tied up, like to be used and those I all do see as kinks. So maybe anal sex indeed is one of my kinks?

I don’t know and I am not going to dwell on that question, because I want to tell you more about me and my thoughts and deeds regarding anal sex. I definitely have a thing for it, to have my bum stimulated, whether it’s with a finger, a plug, a dildo or a cock. I definitely prefer the latter to any of the others, though. Oh and, I am always on the receiving end. Only once in my life I have tried to stimulate someone anally and it was a complete disaster.

I heard about anal sex somewhere in my twenties but since that was long before the Internet, getting information about it was difficult so any interest it might have perked quickly disappeared. There was an incident where a man I knew was totally disgusted when a younger woman told him he could fuck her, but only up the ass because she wanted to remain a virgin until she married. He was disgusted by her suggesting this, as anal sex was the one thing that was an absolute no-go for him. I think this helped too to put anal sex out of my mind, as I was involved with him too (like so many others).

Then I came to Europe and specifically to the sexually liberal Netherlands. No. It’s not like I instantly had sex and offered my butt to the first man who came along. The first time I had anal sex was a strange but brilliant experience. I had no idea that he had that in mind and when he pushed my kegs up and positioned the head of his cock against my rear opening, I wanted him to stop. I can’t remember what he said or how he got me to just relax, but he certainly did something to make me trust him. He was gentle. At first. He slowly entered me. Pushed in bit by bit. It was a weird feeling. I had the feeling that I needed to go to the loo, but I was very much aware of something else too: my clitoris was rock hard and my cunt wet. I could see him push in and out of me and I could see my wetness glistening between my legs, and then… I orgasmed. He did so too, shortly after, spurting his semen deep inside me. But the thing that amazed me the most was that I had climaxed without having my cunt touched.

I was sore the next day. Yes, I could sit, but I felt every movement. It was intense, but I could not stop thinking about what had happened the night before. I needed to feel the sensation again. Yes, needed. But, after that first time my lover of back then seemed to have lost interest. Or maybe I did, because I didn’t like the way he mocked me about the pain I felt. The trust I felt the night before was gone. From there on, I was the one penetrating my behind. I didn’t own any sex toys back then, but candles did the trick.

I have been a fan of anal sex ever since. Master T and I have done it a couple of times, but mostly it ends up with him fingering me. I love when he has frigged my clitoris and fingered my pussy and then unexpectedly slips one or two fingers inside my ass. It always makes for huge orgasms. Sometimes he tells me to turn over on my tummy and then he pours lube between my cheeks and starting with one finger, then work up to two, three, four and sometime five. He hasn’t managed to get his full fist in yet, but who knows, one day he might.

I definitely like to include anal sex when I masturbate. Sometimes I slip a small dildo in my ass and sometimes I look at anal porn to get me off while I stimulate my clitoris.

Ever since my anal virginity was taken when I was about 30, I have been fond of anal stimulation, from licking to fingering to full-on fucking.

Yes, coming to think of it again, anal sex is one of my kinks.

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7 thoughts on “Anal Sex: Is It A Kink?

  1. I always dismissed the idea of anal as a kink too but then I don’t regard anything I do as being kinky. However after having a discussion with a friend and seeing how his eyes lit up when discussing anal I realised it absolutely can be a kink.

  2. Was great reading about your anal sex experience. I too have climaxed during anal without touching anywhere else and it was very intense … x

  3. I’m with you Rebel, have been using my standard glass dildo (and a tight grip) more and more as I masturbate, just bought a proper glass anal dildo – can’t wait to try it!

  4. mmmmm Rebel i would love to have the chance to lick your ass and slip my cock ever so slowly into you and cum there
    i hope you and Mr T have a wonderful weekend
    very best wishes

  5. Thank you Rebel for another of you brilliant and enlightening posts.I don’t think I’d ever heard of anal sex when I was younger. The thought never occurred to me and none of the women I knew ever mentioned it. Now I am older I would really love to try it but the chances of that are extremely remote. CP xx

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