Jennifer and Amber

“Nothing’s wrong, love. Really.”
Nathan looked straight into her eyes and seemed to be sincere. Doubt still gnawed deep inside her. Intuitively, Jennifer knew something was wrong. During their lovemaking he seemed absent. It was not the same it had once been. They had been married for some years and even though they didn’t have kids and they always had fun together, their marriage has settled into a routine. Experimenting with sex is something they didn’t do anymore. An unexpected romantic weekend away is something that didn’t happen anymore due to their busy careers. Jennifer frequently thought about arranging something to surprise Nathan, like a striptease or an erotic massage, but most weekends she only wanted on thing: to sleep as much as possible.

It’s time to get into action, Jen!
With this thought, Jennifer instantly stood up. She smiled at Nathan who had a surprised look on his face and disappeared into the bedroom. In the adjoining bathroom she quickly took a shower. Fifteen minutes later she walked back into the living room, dressed in a black thong and a transparent black piece of fabric, which was supposed to represent a nightie. The black pumps with stiletto heels completed the image. As Jennifer entered the living room she was just in time to see Nathan quickly putting his phone away. For a moment she wanted to ask him what he had been doing, but in her mind she reminded herself: no Jennifer, let’s keep it nice.

Swaying her hips and taking small steps, she walked to Nathan and stood in front of him, her legs spread. Her intentions were clear. Nathan involuntarily looked at hr crotch, then up to her full breasts and back down, to her feet. Jennifer waited until he looked at her face again, but the horniness she expected in his eyes wasn’t there.
“Jenny,” he said, “not now. We need to talk.”
“Sit down, Jennifer,” he said and impatience sounded in his voice.
“Nathan, what’s going on with you?”
Jennifer now also sounded irritated. First he told her nothing was wring and now suddenly he wanted to talk when she unmistakably showed him she was in the mood for sex. Okay, in the mood…

His voice interrupted her thoughts.
“Jennifer, I want more.”
“More? What do you mean? Do you want me to suck you?”
“No, of course not!”
The fierceness in his voice startled her.
“What then, Nathan? What do you want? Just tell me!”
“You know I love you, Jenny,” Nathan started, “but I also have feelings for other women.”
“Women?” Jennifer could hardly believe her ears. Was he going to tell her that he had cheated on her with more than one woman?
“Yes, I don’t believe I can be monogamous. I don’t want to lose you, Jenny, but I also want relationships with other women.”

Perplexed Jennifer just looked at him. What the hell was wrong with Nathan? She had never heard him about this before.
“Women, Nathan? Are you going to tell me that you have relationships with more than one woman?”
No… eh… no… not really… not real relationships. Okay, relationships, but only online.”
A wonderful story unfolded as Nathan started talking. For months now he had been a member of a dating site where people, besides their own relationships, can approach a secondary relationship to get some excitement back into their lives. He didn’t want to tell her anything because Nathan didn’t know how Jennifer would react, but he was at a point where he wanted to meet some of those woman in real life.
“I don’t want to cheat, Jenny. If we both have relationships with others, some of the excitement will be back in our lives.”

Weeks later, Jennifer sat behind the computer, creating a profile on the dating site. She had already found Nathan’s profile, but it took some courage to create her own. No, she had no desire to meet any other men. Nathan was enough for her; the only man she wanted. Unfortunately, he thought differently. The evening of that conversation, she had gone to bed like every other night. His decision was made and Jennifer was not going to beg him. The weeks after their conversation was rather normal and they even had more sex than the weeks before. Delicious sex, even! For a moment she wondered whether Nathan was right, until a plan started forming in her mind. And here she was, looking at her own profile, or rather, the profile of Amber.

The profile of Amber perfectly matched that of Nathan. A perfect match: Nathan and Amber. The dating site tipped Amber to contact Nathan. But, she didn’t. She wanted Nathan to set the first step. As an extra incentive there was the profile photo. As a man who loved to look at the bottom of women, Nathan would certainly enjoy this one. Jennifer had tried several times to take a photo of her own bottom before she finally succeeded. It was a black and white photo of her on her knees, with her back to the camera. Her feet were under her bottom and her bottom and back formed one straight line. She played around with it in Photoshop and before long the profile photo of Amber was unrecognizable.

Two days later Amber received the first message from Nathan. Jennifer sat on bed with her laptop. Nathan was in the study, supposedly working. His message was full of praise for her profile picture and he asked her a couple of personal things. Amber’s answers were reluctant, but she also asked him one or two things. Messages were exchanged in rapid succession until Amber had enough and told him she was going to bed. Nathan wished her a good night and ended his message with several kisses. Jennifer had enough and put her laptop away. When Nathan entered the room, she pretended to watch a movie. Nathan was in an exceptionally good mood.
“I’m tired, Nathan,” she said when he slipped into bed next to her and covered her pussy with his hand. Knowing that his joy and excitement came from talking to the sexy fictional personality, had angered her.

For weeks they sent each other messages. Nathan tried everything to get Amber to agree to a meeting, but every time she had another excuse why she couldn’t meet him. Nathan was head-over-heels in love. Since that first evening speaking to Amber he has been in a good mood and overly attentive to Jennifer’s needs. After that first night Jennifer had not refused him sex again. They kissed like two young lovers and tried positions that they had long forgotten. Jennifer enjoyed.
“You are in love, Nathan.” Jennifer said one night when they were still out of breath after some heavy lovemaking.
“Yes,” Nathan admitted and Jennifer was surprised that he didn’t deny it.
“Tell me about her?” Jennifer asked and Nathan did.
“… and I cannot wait to meet her. I’m also thankful to her, because if it wasn’t for Amber, our sex life would not have been as exciting as it has been these past weeks,” Nathan ended.

The next day Amber finally agreed to meet Nathan. That night Nathan jumped on the bed like an excited child, pulled the covers from Jennifer and roughly spread her legs. He buried his face between her legs and firmly started to lick her. A wonderful shiver ran through Jennifer and for a couple of seconds she felt guilty about Amber, but soon she was only aware of the lovely sensations between her legs. He didn’t over lick her but also massaged her pussy lips between his fingers, as only he could. An orgasm overwhelmed her and just before her second orgasm she felt a finger entering her arse. Jennifer arched her back in pleasure until another climax took hold of her. Nathan pushed her legs up and held the tip of his cock at her entrance teasing her for a second before he rammed his cock deep into her cunt.

Two nights later they were both ready to go out. Nathan had an appointment with Amber and Jennifer was going to the movies with a friend. Jennifer’s laptop was on the table, with Amber’s profile picture on her screen. Jennifer was painting her nails when Nathan entered the room.
“Oh,” Nathan said, “I see you have Amber’s profile on your screen.”
“Yes,” Jennifer said with a sweet smile, looking up at Nathan, “I’m changing my profile pic. I’m tired of this one.”

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