Shaving vs Waxing

Shaving vs waxing

Shaving vs waxing

Shaving vs waxing

I can really not recall the first time I took a razor and decided it was time to rid my pussy of all its hair. I only remember that I was roundabout 20, but how I felt before and after I had shaved… i have no idea. During the years it became a habit. There were periods where I stopped shaving, but never for more than a couple of days. It became so much part of my morning shower routine, that I did it on auto-pilot. I shaved my pussy a lot more than I shaved my legs!

I have always loved the feeling of a smooth cunt, but it never lasted for more than a few hours. When in the evening I lay in bed and ran my fingers over my mound, I could feel the stubs that were getting themselves ready to be shaved off the next morning.

The longest I haven’t shaved was when I hurt both my ankles in 2014 and couldn’t stand properly. My pubic hair grew and grew and grew until, after 5 months I finally went for a waxing – the very first.

That also was the only one.

After that first experience, I wanted to go back for more, but couldn’t find a waxing salon close to home. The salon I went to then was a half an hour drive from home. I started shaving again.

Then, on Mothers Day 2017, our teen gave me a card and told me she was going to pay for my first Brazilian wax at a new salon, not even a five minute drive from our home. We postponed the first appointment until after mom’s funeral. Late August I had my first appointment. About a week and a half before we went there, I stopped shaving. Oh my goh, did it hurt when I was waxed the first time! I couldn’t believe how much it hurt! Back in 2015 when I had it done the first time, it didn’t hurt that much! Only later I realized that the hairs were stubbier than back in 2015, because now I have been shaving until about 10 days before the waxing and in 2015 I hadn’t shaved for 5 months before I was waxed, which meant the hairs back then were a lot softer than now.

The lady urged me not to shave at all until the next appointment, four weeks later. That first night I was incredibly disappointed when I felt the stubs. I was not smooth. I thought she had done something wrong, until I read the pamphlet she had given me. Only after the third time you are entirely smooth, because of the way hairs grow – in three phases. And, it was true. I went back in September and was still not entirely smooth but after the third waxing in October, I was smooth for two entire weeks. It feels so fucking sexy to be waxed, seriously!

I have just had my fourth appointment and just like the previous two times, the 22-year old waxing-woman was totally enthusiastic when she saw my cunt. Apparently the hair growth has already gotten less than she had seen the first time, which is exactly the reason I started waxing. I have heard less hair grow back, but also that the hair that grow back is a lot softer than when you shave. This is true.

I love the freshly waxed feeling and I love that the feeling stay for at least two weeks. I will go back just before Christmas, but then, after that, I will put five weeks between appointments. Or, maybe not!

As I feel now, I will never go back to shaving, but as they say, never say never…

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