Shaving vs Waxing

Shaving vs waxing
Shaving vs waxing

I can really not recall the first time I took a razor and decided it was time to rid my pussy of all its hair. I only remember that I was roundabout 20, but how I felt before and after I had shaved… i have no idea. During the years it became a habit. There were periods where I stopped shaving, but never for more than a couple of days. It became so much part of my morning shower routine, that I did it on auto-pilot. I shaved my pussy a lot more than I shaved my legs!

I have always loved the feeling of a smooth cunt, but it never lasted for more than a few hours. When in the evening I lay in bed and ran my fingers over my mound, I could feel the stubs that were getting themselves ready to be shaved off the next morning.

The longest I haven’t shaved was when I hurt both my ankles in 2014 and couldn’t stand properly. My pubic hair grew and grew and grew until, after 5 months I finally went for a waxing – the very first.

That also was the only one.

After that first experience, I wanted to go back for more, but couldn’t find a waxing salon close to home. The salon I went to then was a half an hour drive from home. I started shaving again.

Then, on Mothers Day 2017, our teen gave me a card and told me she was going to pay for my first Brazilian wax at a new salon, not even a five minute drive from our home. We postponed the first appointment until after mom’s funeral. Late August I had my first appointment. About a week and a half before we went there, I stopped shaving. Oh my goh, did it hurt when I was waxed the first time! I couldn’t believe how much it hurt! Back in 2015 when I had it done the first time, it didn’t hurt that much! Only later I realized that the hairs were stubbier than back in 2015, because now I have been shaving until about 10 days before the waxing and in 2015 I hadn’t shaved for 5 months before I was waxed, which meant the hairs back then were a lot softer than now.

The lady urged me not to shave at all until the next appointment, four weeks later. That first night I was incredibly disappointed when I felt the stubs. I was not smooth. I thought she had done something wrong, until I read the pamphlet she had given me. Only after the third time you are entirely smooth, because of the way hairs grow – in three phases. And, it was true. I went back in September and was still not entirely smooth but after the third waxing in October, I was smooth for two entire weeks. It feels so fucking sexy to be waxed, seriously!

I have just had my fourth appointment and just like the previous two times, the 22-year old waxing-woman was totally enthusiastic when she saw my cunt. Apparently the hair growth has already gotten less than she had seen the first time, which is exactly the reason I started waxing. I have heard less hair grow back, but also that the hair that grow back is a lot softer than when you shave. This is true.

I love the freshly waxed feeling and I love that the feeling stay for at least two weeks. I will go back just before Christmas, but then, after that, I will put five weeks between appointments. Or, maybe not!

As I feel now, I will never go back to shaving, but as they say, never say never…

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  1. I love the feeling of being waxed. I’m almost disappointed when they finish. I rarely get around to it though. Too many other demands on my time. I’m glad you’re having fun with it.

  2. I have been having regular waxing sessions for years now and actually the “pain” usually has me bursting out in shrieks of laughter (they all know me so well at the salon and we all end up in giggling fits).
    My experience is that the smoothness lasts so much longer than shaving so I much prefer it. And that sentiment is almost unanimous among all of my special friends!!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Very interesting post. I have always been afraid if waxing because of the pain. Might sound funny as I enjoy pain but the sexually induced pain is different. My man shaves me about every 3 weeks. When he first did it I was disappointed that after such a short time it was stubbly. I wrote about it for Mollys pussy pride project – sound s great that waxing can keep you smooth for so long xx

  4. Thanks for the reminder.
    I had my first full wax before I had my date with a male escort (Hotel 1 & 2). I definitely felt better than shaving, but i’ve been too lazy since. Note to self – book an appointment soon.

  5. Logistics question: When you were shaving your cunt more often than your legs, how did you deal with razor bumps? Were they an issue? I don’t shave often, so I’m genuinely curious!

    1. In the beginning, when I started shaving daily, I used baby powder to keep my skin and the stubble soft. I did that for the first two or three months and after that I never had problems with razor bumps as my skin was used to shaving daily.

  6. you girls are lucky – geting a brazilian ie easy for you but for a guy to be waxed is so much more difficult
    have to say i do love a totally smooth cunt it is so nice to lick – i am sure that hyour partner enjoys your smoooooothness 🙂 very best wishes alan

    1. well Alan, I use an Epilady to keep everything down under hairless. The first few times I could realy use a stiff drink afterwarts, but the smooth feeling made me very horny which had an other stiffling effect…

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