Rebel’s Top 20 of ’17

Another year is coming to an end and I cannot tell you how happy I am about it. I don’t ever want to wish time away as I believe we should make the most of every day, but 2017 has not been my year. When it started, I was really excited as this was the year in which I turned 50 and also the year in which my mom would meet some of our special (read: kinky) friends. Then we learned about mom’s illness, Master T wasn’t getting any better and all solid ground was pulled from under my feet… mom’s illness, a funeral, a flood, grief, a terrible tiredness… I tried to keep being positive, but some days it is and was really, really hard!

It’s almost time to say goodbye to 2017 and in a way I am relieved. I can leave the bad times behind us, but… and I have said this before…  I have double feelings about that. Leaving 2017 behind feels like I am distancing myself from my mom and that is the last thing I want to do. I want to stay close to her. I know this is an irrational thought and I know it will be okay in 2018, that she will always be close to me as she is in my heart and in my mind. It’s just that I can’t shake this feeling inside me…


Despite everything that happened this year I have tried my best to keep my blog going. One thing I couldn’t give any attention to was the design, but that is something that I will do sometime in 2018. I am thankful to have been mentioned in some top lists:

And this…

Before we start 2018, it’s time to do my top 20, just like I did in 2013, in 2014, in 2015 and in 2016. I’ve been working on this since the end of October to make sure it’s my perfect list. Before I tell you which blogs I want to highlight this year, I will repeat what I said last year:

  • If you’ve been on any of the previous list and don’t find yourself on this year’s list, please don’t think I am not enjoying your blog anymore. I read a huge amount of blogs and this list was much longer than the 20 blogs mentioned below. I had to narrow it down.
  • When I narrowed the list down, I took some blogs off the list because the owners have either decided to stop blogging or have blogged a lot less in 2017 than in the previous years.
  • I wanted to bring in some ‘new blood’ on my list. There are some lovely new blogs out there, which I think many of you will enjoy reading too.
  • I can make the list longer, but in 2013 I have chosen to show 20 blogs and I stick with that, the same way I stick with all the blogs I have mentioned on previous lists. Each and every blog deserves to be mentioned, but today I highlight the 20 I mention below.
  • Those mentioned on the list can choose to show the button above on their blogs. If you want it sent to you, please email me.


My top list for 2017

A Dissolute life means

Hy has gone through very difficult times this year. She has had a couple of terrible dates, all of which she has told us about. I have the feeling she has grown so much stronger this year, has come to a point where she’s allowing herself to be herself, to return to what really is important to her.

I have seen Hy struggling a lot after TN has left her, and here she blogs about him finally being gone. I hope that she will finally be able to get him out of her system and find happiness now, because she really deserve sit. Hyacinth has a beautiful body, as can be seen in many of her posts, especially Boobday posts like this one.

Hy is the host of Boobday.

~~~ A Dissolute Life Means ~~~ @adissolutelife ~~~

2014 – 2015 – 2016 – 2017

A Sexual Being

I feel close to Kayla and many times when I read her posts, I find myself nodding as I agree with her views or see similarities between her relationship with John Brownstone and mine with Master T. Kayla writes about her submission to John, but also about her mental health. Together with John she runs a podcast about BDSM, hosts the Masturbation Monday meme and gives other bloggers tips on earning money with their blogs.

I am totally intrigued by hurricanes and love the posts that Kayla has done on them. Kayla doesn’t post many images of herself, but this one is damn hot. Just look at that ass! Gorgeous!

Kayla hosts the following projects:
Masturbation Monday
The Smutlancer
Loving BDSM (together with John Brownstone)

~~~ A Sexual Being ~~~ @KaylaLords ~~~

2013 – 2014 – 2015 – 2017

A to sub Bee

Even though I have never met Bee, she feels like a friend. We have shared some pain and sadness this year, losing relatives that were so close to us, and both losing them to the terrible illness that is cancer. Bee’s blog is a delight, because whether she writes or posts images of herself, it’s always stunning to read and see.

Do you want to know what gets Bee going, then you have to read her post about porn. One of my favorite images of Bee is her post ‘Naked‘. This step she has taken is brave and beautiful and special and I admire her for it!

~~~ A to sub Bee ~~~ @sub_bee ~~~

2014 – 2015 – 2016 – 2017

Between the Lines

I could have met Jerusalem Mortimer (Jaime) at Eroticon 2017, but unfortunately we couldn’t make it, which now of course have me hoping that I can meet him in 2018, when I will definitely be at Eroticon. How could I not want to meet the man who writes the story of Maddie? It started out as Jennifer’s story, but then changed into that of Maddie. If I read about the cane strokes it makes me cringe, but also long to be submitted to it.

I am not going to highlight only one post of Jaime’s site, but the entire Jennifer/Maddie series. Go find the beginning and start to read.

~~~ Between the Lines ~~~ @JaimeMortimer ~~~

2016 – 2017


This is a newcomer to my list, but also a new ‘face’ on the blogging scene. I have read several of Cousin Pons’s posts and I have to say, I really like his writing style. It’s also great to have another male blogger on board! Keep an eye on this one, because I am sure he has a lot of good stories still waiting to be written.

One of his posts that has really stayed with me is The Hollow Gram Club, which is actually quite sad.

~~~ Books1799 ~~~ @Books1799 ~~~


Cammies on the floor

I adore Cammies. Whenever I think of M, I cannot help to think how much I want to hug her and somehow I always think of A too. It’s been a year in October that A passed away and she may never be forgotten. Cammies write about her sex life – the good and the bad, and she posts the most beautiful images, also of her in rope suspension. I look forward to the day that I can meet M for real!

One of the sessions M has written about has frequent references to Wet Leather, and I love it! The post, A year ago, shows M with her baby sister A, and I love that she keeps the memory alive on the blog too, as M and A started the blog together.

~~~ Cammies on the floor ~~~ @cammiesonfloor ~~~

2013 – 2014 – 2015 – 2016 – 2017


Eye is the second newcomer to my list. She’s a beautiful woman, this one, caring and kind and a wonderful writer. I had the privilege to meet her in 2016 at Eroticon and can’t wait to see her again, hopefully next year. Eye writes about Him, the one who makes her happy and her images are always sexy and inviting.

I am going to highlight two of Eye’s posts, the first a stunning piece of writing that resonated with me: Sometimes I ask Him to look me in the eye and hurt me. The second post shows a stunning image of Eye on an autumnal morning.

~~~ Cleareyedgirl ~~~ @_Masterseye ~~~



Exposing40 started out as a body positive photography adventure, but turned into a blog where not only images, but also words are shared. Exposing40 is a talented photographer and she has enthused many others to go out with her to make some stunning images!

Earlier this year Exposing40 wrote a post called, Always Coming Second in which she talks about primary and secondary partners. I loved it as it showed me different ways to view relationships. I also want to highlight one of her stunning images, Night Fall, but you should browse her website and see lots of other images that are equally stunning.

~~~ Exposing40 ~~~ @Exposing40 ~~~

2015 – 2016 – 2017

F Dot Leonora

This bubbly personality is someone you really want to meet. Leonora is one of the most supportive bloggers I know and she’s a damn good editor too. You can find lots of words on her blog but one thing I still find amazing is that Leonora has a story she is writing for Wicked Wednesday and she always follows the prompt, no matter what. I think it’s brilliant!

Leonora isn’t only writing an ongoing story for Wicked Wednesday, but is doing the same for Masturbation Monday.

~~~ F Dot Leonora ~~~ @fdotleonora ~~~

2014 – 2015 – 2016 – 2017

Happy Come Lucky

I have a very special bond with Honey, having had the privilege to spend alone-time with her and her man during a lovely dinner at Eroticon 2016. It was not only there that our bond started, no, it was long before that. I think I can safely say that we had a bond before we sat down for dinner together. Honey shares her thoughts on her blog and when you read those, you can see she’s passionate about what she writes. Other than her writing, she posts the most beautiful images!

Honey did a really great post as the 300th on her blog. She asked others to point out there favorite posts of her and listed everyone in her 300th post. Like I have said, Honey’s images are stunning, but her post ‘Gentle‘ shows just how beautiful she is.

~~~ Happy Come Lucky ~~~ @ht_honey ~~~

2015 – 2016 – 2017

Modesty Ablaze

Modesty definitely is the Scavenger Queen of the blogging community. She gets to the most wonderful places and has grabbed a lot of opportunities to pose naked and add notches to her Scavenger hunt. Other than that she also shares from her diary and photos of many years ago, in her Polaroid Past series. But, that is not all she does. Modesty also shares from her real life sex videos, and besides that, she also finds time to do product reviews.

She really is a busy bee!

~~~ Modesty Ablaze ~~~ @ablazingmodesty ~~~

2014 – 2015 – 2016 – 2017

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Molly, my beautiful sister from another mother. If there is one person that immediately opened her arms and welcomed me to the sex blogging community, encouraged me to be myself and share what I feel comfortable with, it was Molly. To me she is the diva of the sex blogging community, and she’s in one helluva strong team with her husband, @DomSigns.

One post of Molly that has stayed with me for weeks, and which I can still recall without re-reading it, is In the Navel, where she writes about her new navel piercing. She voices her thoughts and feelings so clearly and I just keep on wanting to tell her how beautiful the piercing is. If you say ‘Molly’ you think images, as she is such a very talented photographer. You can browse her site for images, but for now I want to point out ‘Abandoned‘, an image that can be the spark to a thousand stories.

Just like others here, Molly is a busy woman, hosting projects and memes such as:
Sinful Sunday
Kink of the week
Pussy Pride Project
February Photofest
Anonymous Blog 
This D/s Life

~~~ Molly’s Daily Kiss ~~~ @mollysdailykiss ~~~

2013 – 2014 – 2015 – 2016 – 2017

Pain as Pleasure

Ever since I have started reading Bibulous One’s blog I have been hooked. He writes about his visits to sex workers, about being caned and caning a submissive he has paid. He has a beautiful style of writing and sometimes the vulnerability in his posts really touch me. He also posts images, but in the end it’s really his writing that keeps me coming back.

There are two posts that really got to me in the past months. The first was GFE – a kink for authenticity. I have not known the term GFE before I have read this post. A second post that touched me deeply is one ‘S Wonderful! ‘S Marvelous!. There are many other posts that are really special, but you will just have to discover them yourselves.

~~~ Pain As Pleasure ~~~ @BibulousOne ~~~

2016 – 2017

Rabbit in Chains

The third newcomer to my list is Rabbit in Chains. I have been reading her blog for quite some time now and probably should have included it last year too and the year before that too – each time when I got hooked on one of her stories, like I am now hooked on her Star Talker series.

Of course this is not all that Rabbit has written. She is a talented writer and dreams up worlds that don’t exist. Her characters are strong, her plots interesting and solid. Go read her!

~~~ Rabbit in Chains ~~~ @Rabbit_InChains ~~~



The next (fourth) newcomer to my list is Ella Scandal, or Scandarella.
I only started reading Scandarella when she first participated in Wicked Wednesday and I have to say, I was hooked. She is such a talented writer! One story that immediately comes to mind is A Night to Remember, because of the Titanic setting, but also A Taste for the Exotic, because it is not my kink at all, but written so well that it has kept my attention from beginning to end.

Other than writing erotica, Ella does a lot of product reviews too.

~~~ Scandarella ~~~ @ella_scandal ~~~


Spank me hard, please

The fifth newcomer to this list is Lurvspanking, or LS. He mostly writes spanking stories from the submissive’s perspective and I have to tell you, when he does, my bottom always seems to tingle as if it’s begging for its own spanking. Like Scandarella, I only started reading LS’s blog when he joined in for Wicked Wednesday. LS has a really high productivity, so much so that I cannot keep up with reading everything, even though I want to. I really enjoyed The Spanking Misadventuers of Stephanie, which started out as a Wicked Wednesday story and has now been published. He has written so many lovely Wicked Wednesday stories that I have no idea which one to highlight, so go read them all.

~~~ Spank Me Hard… Please? ~~~


Stranded in Toronto

There is one city on this globe I still want to visit and that is Toronto. Not because I want to see Toronto that much, but because I want to visit Mr. and Mrs. Stranded! I consider them friends ever since we met them at Eroticon 2013, right after they got married. Stranded is one of my favorite writers, and my favorite of the stories he has ever written, is his Savannah series. That’s one hot woman, Savannah (

He hasn’t nearly written as much as I would have wanted him to, but there were enough to enjoy, such as when he wrote ‘In the Cold‘ for the Titanic prompt of Wicked Wednesday.
If you want to know more about living a poly lifestyle, you can also find and listen to the Polytix Lifestyle Podcast on Stranded’s site.

~~~ Author C.P. McClennan ~~~ @cpmcclennan ~~~

2013 – 2014 – 2015 – 2016 – 2017

The Other Livvy

I started reading Livvy’s blog some years ago and just like back then, I am still intrigued by how she approaches and writes about subjects that are dear to her. She seems to approach her blog posts in a scientific way, using her own arguments to make her point, but researching statements of others to make her articles a balanced piece of writing. One of those articles is ‘I’m a Feminist but…‘ in which she talks about getting married and taking her husbands name and what it means to her.

Besides words, she also posts lovely images and here I just have to highlight two of my favorites: If I had a dick for a day and Decadence, where Livvy is not the only one in the photo.

~~~The Other Livvy ~~~ @theotherlivvy ~~~

2015 – 2016 – 2017

Understanding Flutterby

I have frequently sat at my laptop, reading Flutterby’s words and stared at the screen in amazement at her wonderful use of words. She can pull you right into a scene – whether happy or sad or painful in whatever way – and make you feel what she feels, by only using words. To me, what Flutterby writes, is art.

Besides her words, she posts the most beautiful images of herself, such as her post Time’s Twisted Mirror, where she combined the image with her strong words.

~~~ Understanding Flutterby ~~~ @WissPeasel ~~~

2014 – 2015 – 2016 – 2017

Wriggly Kitty

The sixth and last newcomer to my roundup is Wriggly Kitty, a woman who really intrigues me and who I hope to meet one day. Wriggly Kitty writes about her life with her husband, and away from him, about her feelings and emotions, her sex life and she also posts images of herself. One image I really like of Wriggly Kitty is a Quick Snap she has shared for Sinful Sunday. It shows almost all of the beautiful woman that she is.

One thing I really like about Wriggly Kitty’s blog is the uniformity. She uses the same type of ‘banner’ images for everything, but with different texts on it, such as Mewsings, Rants or the name of the meme she is participating in.

~~~ Wriggly Kitty ~~~ @wriggly_kitty ~~~


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10 thoughts on “Rebel’s Top 20 of ’17

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  2. Thank you so much for including me Rebel. I can’t believe it. I really am thrilled. I have only been writing since August and have loved every minute of it, After my Christmas break in the Netherlands I am now ready to push on into 2018. Thank you for all your wonderful support Rebel and I wish you all the very best for the New Year. CP xxx

  3. Absolutely wonderful post Marie ? I’m so sorry you had such a tough year. You are incredible, the way you manage to support us bloggers through it all.
    Truly inspirational x x so much love to you x x

  4. Thank you so very much for including me in your list. It is quite a surprise and I am very honored by your mention of my blog in such august company. I am glad that my words gave some comfort in this difficult year.


  5. Thank you so much for including me! And a big ((((HUGS)))) because I know this year has been hard for you and it can feel like a betrayal to want to put it behind you. When my dad died (many years ago) and when JB’s sister died in 2015, we went through something very similar. I think it’s healthy and normal to feel that way but it’s also not the betrayal it feels like it is. Your mom wants you to be happy and find the good in your world, and she also knows you will never forget her and she’s always close to you. I still “see” my dad in all kinds of small moments and it’s been 16 years since he died. They never leave us even when it feels like we’re leaving them behind. (((HUGS)))

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