Temperature Play

Dylan stepped out of the office after a long day at work and noticed that it was considerably colder than when he left home early that morning. He had always loved the first freezing cold day of the season and never wanted to let is pass without doing something special. He got in his car, turned the ignition to start the engine and while waiting for the car to heat up inside, he sent Tess a text message: Get ready. In the garden.

She knew what it meant.

As he turned into the driveway he saw her in the lights of the car – bent forward against the huge tree in the back garden. Her legs were spread, just the way he liked it. Tess was naked.

Dylan entered the house in the front, put his briefcase down and exited at the back door. He touched her body, from top to bottom and noticed how cold she was. She knew how long it took him to get home from the office and there is no reason for her to stand outside longer than necessary. Her nipples were hard, more from the cold than from excitement. That much he knew. His hand moved to her crotch. She was entirely dry. Dylan understood. Ever since Tess had entered menopause, she didn’t get wet as easily as she had in the passed. She hated it, but he assured her that it’s just part of life. The cold didn’t help either to get her excited, despite being naked in the garden.

“Get yourself wet,” he ordered.
Her hand moved to her cunt, while she nodded. A slap on her behind reminder her of what she had forgotten and quickly she said: “Yes, Daddy.”
While she fingered herself, Dylan kneaded her breasts, which showed the signs of her age too. They were not as firm anymore as they had been some years before. Age and menopause had changed her body, but it still gave him pleasure. And her too.

“I’m wet, Daddy.”
Dylan stood behind her and without a word, he penetrated her. He had one goal: to use her for his own climax. That is exactly what he did. Once he had emptied his balls in her, he told her to lick him clean.

“Do you want a warm bath, little girl?” he asked when she was done.
“Yes, Daddy,” Tess answered with a shiver.

He picked her up and carried her inside and ran a hot bath. She was shivering almost uncontrollably now. His semen ran down her inner thighs towards her knees. Dylan helped her into the warm water. It took a couple of minutes for the shivering to stop, and once it did, Dylan told her to sit on the edge of the bath and spread her legs. He took the sprinkler and directed the water jet right at her cunt, on her clitoris. Tess pulled back and moaned. The water jet was quite strong and it hurt, but Dylan told her to sit still and be a good girl. Despite the pain, Tess sat still and obeyed, as another orgasm was building and she needed it.

Soon she announced: “I am going to come, Daddy.”
“Come for me, little girl!”
She pushed her cunt forward even though the jet still hurt her clitoris. Her orgasm was loud and Dylan thought how much he loved to hear and see her enjoy the pleasures her aging body gave him.
“Good little girl! Now, get out of the bath and I will rub you down.”

Eagerly she got out of the bath, knowing a third orgasm might just be what her Daddy had in mind…

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4 thoughts on “Temperature Play

  1. Cold play is one of my hard limits, it’s makes me too ill and very grumpy to boot, luckily my partner understands the risks so makes sure I’m as warm as I can be.

  2. mmmmmmm a hot and sexy read – thank you and may i wish You and Yours a very Happy New Year
    best wishes

  3. I have always loved that having a Daddy and being his princess or “good girl” had utterly othing to do with age. But, I also become increasingly aware of the fact that I am NOT a little girl the older I get. As my body seems to disenfranchise me, I love that He still finds me sexy – and becuse he does, I must also.

    I’m telling you honestly, it’s writing like this that keeps me sane and helps me to accept my own self.

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