Spitter Spatter

This is something that I see all the time in certain types of porn including Tumblr where it seems to be hugely popular; Little snippets of people spitting into each others mouths, or spitting onto genitals. This has made me curious about it, is it a big turn on for people or is just one of those porn tropes.

So you tell me folks. is spitting a turn on for you or not?

No. Definitely not.

So, that’s the short answer, but with so many things, more needs to be said to give my answer some nuance.

Spitting in my mouth is definitely a no go. There is absolutely nothing in the world that can make that sexy for me. No matter how much I like a person or how horny I am, there is no way I would allow anyone to spit in my mouth. I won’t spit in the mouth of anyone else either. There is just something that ick me out totally. Even thinking of it makes me feel nauseous! The closest I come ‘exchanging’ spit with someone else is through kissing.

Then there is the spitting in genitals. Now here I get into a kind of grey area. Sometimes when I masturbate and am using only my fingers, I will spit on my fingers and use my own spit to lubricate myself some. But that, of course, is different. It’s my own spit.

What about someone else’s spit? No and yes. No, I would not want them to spit onto my genitals the way they do it in porn movies – from a distance and almost making a kind of show out of it. But, if the person in question spits on his fingers first, the way I do when I masturbate, and only then ‘apply’ it to my genitals, I wouldn’t mind.

Something else that is an absolute no-go for me is for someone to spit on me. I will not have that. It’s humiliating and that is something I do not want to experience. Humiliation is not my thing, not my kink It will totally kill the mood for me.

Writing this just made me think of something else, that is spit related too. A thing I definitely don’t like is when someone kisses me and there is too much saliva involved. Also, don’t lap at my mouth or nipples or cunt as if you’re a dog. It’s not sexy and there is just too much spit involved.

spit snow whiteComing back to porn movies – when I see the ‘spitting in each other’s mouths’ or ‘spitting on genitals’ scenes, I tend to move on to the next clip. Reason for this is that I am a very visual person and seeing an image, almost makes me feel it being done to me. This is the reason why short porn clips help me to get off, because I can imagine the feeling quite clearly. Seeing one person spitting in another’s mouth, even if it’s this image of Snow White and her prince, just makes me feel unwell. I can feel the nausea starting.

Spit on your hand, rub it on my clitoris and frig me… yes! Spit on my cunt from a distance and you’re out of the room within seconds.

Yes, I definitely have mixed feelings about spitting.

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2 thoughts on “Spitter Spatter

  1. I agree with what you’ve written – with the small proviso of what I wrote – if you get my drift. Definitely agree about the lapping of nipples, sloppy kissing bit too, but yeah my on spit on my fingers is ok. Complicated creatures aren’t we.

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