Christmas Spanking

Naomi wanted to be spanked before Christmas. She had to go home to her parents, who she didn’t get along with that well and she wanted her sore bottom to remind her of better times and the things she would come back to. There was only one problem: Naomi was not in a relationship. She visited a dungeon once a month and allowed other men to spank and tie and fuck her under the supervision of the dungeon master, but she was not in a relationship with anyone. It was while she sat at the bar in the dungeon, sipping on her hot tea after an intense session and watching the people around her, that she suddenly had a plan.

A week later she rang the doorbell of Jayden and Jody. She had met them at the dungeon some months ago and a couple of times during her visits there, Jayden has tied and flogged her. The couple had agreed to give her the Christmas spanking she desired. Not at the dungeon, but at their home. This was at Naomi’s request. This time she didn’t want the dungeon master watching the proceedings. She trusted the couple, otherwise she wouldn’t have approached them with her crazy plan.

After a cup of tea, Jody stood up and signaled for Naomi to go with her. She led her to the main bedroom, which had a huge open space between the foot-end of the bed and the closet. There were several hooks in the ceiling and rope hung down from two of them. After Jody had helped Naomi to undress, she hugged her and left the room. Jayden entered and fastened cuffs around her wrists and ankles. He used the rings on the cuffs to first tie her arms up sideways and then attached a spreader bar between her legs, spread as far as it could go. Naomi had no room to move.

“I’m going to give you thirty-two strokes in series of eight.”
“That’s fine,” Naomi said.
Jayden walked around her and looked her up and down. Her breasts were large and her nipples had already hardened. Despite her legs being spread, her pussy lips were still closed, which hid any possible wetness from his eyes.

Jayden picked up the paddle and took his position behind Naomi. He heard her breathing quickening. He swung his arm back as far as he could and hit her hard. The second stroke landed quickly after, as did three, four, five and the rest until the first series of eight was completed. Each stroke was harder then Naomi might have expected them to be. She shrieked and cursed and jerked on the ropes.

He waited a bit before he started the second series. Naomi kept on cursing: “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”
The second series was just as hard, but slower. Jayden enjoyed seeing Naomi fighting against the rope but not able to move away from the onslaught of the paddle. She tried to stamp with her feet but the spreader bar prevented that.

He allowed her some rest as he walked around her. She avoided his eyes. The pain prevented her from standing still. Tears ran over her cheeks. Her nipples were even harder than when they started and she was shivering from the pain. Even the flesh of her bottom seemed to vibrate.

The third series of eight was hard too, but with short pauses between each stroke. With the first stroke Naomi let herself hang in the ropes. Her moans had gotten louder. After the second stroke Jayden walked around her, and he did so again after the third. She was sweating excessively. With the fourth stroke she let her urine run. Jayden gave her the next strokes quickly after the each other, fully expecting her to beg for mercy, to use her safeword.

She did not.

Jayden walked around her again to check if she was okay. She shivered constantly. A pool of pee had formed below her. When he looked at her cunt, more fluids squirted from her pussy and two long strings of stickiness hung from her. Jayden realized that she had climaxed from the pain. At that moment she looked at him and he saw the horny desire in her eyes.

She nodded slightly.

She was ready for the last series.

After each stroke he looked at the trails of horniness. One now stuck to her leg. At the penultimate stroke, two more trails joined the first two. Jayden waited for a good moment to deliver the final, the thirty-second stroke. He hit her as hard as he could. Naomi roared like an animal, pulled on the ropes and then hung in them.

It was done.

She had gotten what she wanted.

Jayden untied her legs. Once he saw that she could stand stable, he untied her left arm and held his arm around her middle to steady her. While her right arm was still tied up, her left went to between her legs and she started masturbating. Surprised Jayden watched her. It took only seconds for Naomi to climax. The moment her right hand was free too, she pulled free from Jayden’s arm and sagged to the floor. She was already masturbating again and now too she climaxed very quickly. Then she rolled over into a little ball, her back turned to him and sobbed. Jayden started putting things away, sensing that she wanted to be left alone. When her sobbing stopped, he spoke: “You can take a shower if you want, Naomi.”

She nodded, got up, smiled at him and went to the bathroom. She didn’t bother to close the door behind her. Jayden called for Jody and told her to get down on her knees, facing Naomi. While they watched Naomi masturbating under the shower, Jayden fucked his wife.

Jayden and Jody waited in the living room for Naomi to join them. She did, but only dressed in her top and knickers.
“Jody, can I borrow a skirt from you? I can’t get my jeans back on. It hurts too much,” she smiled sheepishly.
“Mission accomplished?” Jody laughed and Naomi nodded.

If her Christmas turned out to be a challenge, at least she would have the pain to remind her of this afternoon and some more future fun with this couple.

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  1. Holy hell you took my breath away. I love reading more extreme forms of play and it turns me on but I’m never sure I could handle it. But that doesn’t stop me from reading it, lol.

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