Bottoms and Selfies #SoSS #6

I can’t believe yet another week is gone! Just a bit more than two weeks and it will be Christmas, and three weeks from now we are about to kiss 2017 goodbye. I have double feelings about that. I’ve said I can’t wait for it to be 2018 so I can leave this shit year behind, and now somehow I’m afraid for it to be 2018 because I feel like I’m leaving my mother behind in 2017. Does that make sense?

Life goes on, they say, and it does. Thankfully I have your sexy posts to keep my mind occupied, and there were a lot of sexy posts this week. Here are some that caught my attention, as well as the usual subjects I like to include in my #SoSS posts!

Sexy writing

Turning a simple activity into something sexy and hot is what Jadis has done in her post ‘Why she paints my nails’. I don’t think I can have my nails painted again without thinking of something sexy!

Reading ‘Sex in the Afternoon‘ by Brigit Delaney makes me long for an afternoon in front of the fireplace, naked. I would want one thing to lead to another, in the lines of what happened in this sexy story!

Candy has written a handy guide with Tips For Taking A Sexy Selfie. There are so many things here that can help you take your own images.

I just have to include The Zen Nudist post ‘The One And Only Way…’ because of what he says about D/s relationships, about Doms and subs. Even if you are not in such a relationship, go read this!

Hot images

She is so good with setting a mood in her images, as you can see when SassyCat applies her ‘War Paint’.

Just look at Monika’s gorgeous bottom in their post ‘Worth‘, for the Sinful Sunday red prompt. Delicious!

Annie Savoy has the most wonderful photos on her blog! She has an eye for detail and pose and composition, such is shown in her post ‘White‘.

Writing Prompts

Kink of the week
Spitting is the current prompt and you have until 16 December to get your posts linked.

Masturbation Monday
Another Christmas photo as a prompt and this time it’s an image of Molly decorating prompt 171.

Erotica Fest
Story Picture is the prompt for December. Come on, choose a picture and write a sexy story.

Wicked Wednesday
Last week’s prompt was ‘Whispers‘ for which 27 posts were linked, of which three was from new players! Honey chose the posts of Teachers have sex, Mrs Fever and Nina Bellini as her top 3.
The next prompt is ‘Neighbors‘ and the top 3 will be done by May of Sex Matters.

Tips & tricks

Have you ever heard the term ‘nofollow link’? Or ‘dofollow link’? Do you know what it is? Don’t worry if you don’t. Just read Kayla’s post ‘What is a Nofollow Link?‘ where she explains everything.

Last week on the Smut Marathon site we gave tips on self editing, and this week we are still looking at editing, and to be specific, Editing Your Short Stories.

Last but not least

Next week Friday, on 15 December, the entries for the Smut Marathon will open. Last night I have made a final decision on the 10 assignments for the marathon and I am excited to see how many people decide to join this race! Entries close on 20 January 2018 and the first assignment will be sent to participants on 28 January 2018!

Something else I need to bring to your attention is this: You might have noticed that you can sign up for a newsletter on all my sites. Thank you to all of you who have signed up already, but I can imagine you asking why you have not yet received a newsletter. Soon, I promise, soon there will be one. I am still working out what I want in the newsletter and I am almost there. The first newsletter might be sent out in December, but if not, 2018 is the year! Keep an eye on your inbox!

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