Darkness and Dirty Girls #SoSS #5

The Christmas started month yesterday, and I think I can honestly say that this year is the first one ever I am not looking forward to the holidays. We won’t be celebrating it at our home this year, but at our daughters as we all needed a ‘change of scenery’ for obvious reasons.
I prefer to concentrate on my writing and also on the upcoming Smut Marathon to keep my mind occupied. Speaking of that, remember, the entries for the writing competition of 2018 opens on 15 December 2017!

Sexy writing

When you read the post, Waiting in the Dark by Bibulous One you will hold your breath just the way he did when he was in this session he is writing about.

I love reading posts that also tell the bad side to sexy things. Rye has written about that in her post Pins and Needles and it definitely put a smile on my face.

A post that rang true for me too is written by Nilla. There’s just a way that real life gets in the way of our kink, how it keeps us away from our kink. In Cycles Nilla writes about some of the frustration of wanting to but not being able to.

Reading this has made me remember again just what kink means to me, why I need it in my life. Yes, Kink is my Mindfulness too, just like Mrs Dyke described in her post.

Hot images

I am quite a fan of Chris de Burgh, but the song used in this post, Patricia the Stripper – #SinfulSunday, is not familiar to me. I love how the images illustrate the song.

She’s such a dirty girl and damn, how I love it! Eye looks glorious in this image!


Sinful Sunday
The prompt for 3 December is ‘red‘. Don’t forget to link your sexy images!

Kink of the week
Spitting is the current prompt and you have until 16 December to get your posts linked.

Masturbation Monday
Kayla has started the month of Christmas off in style with a photo of @sub_bee as the prompt for week 170.

Erotica Fest
There’s a new writing prompt in town – NBRplaza’s Erotica Fest. The prompt for December is ‘Story Picture’. Will you accept the challenge?

Wicked Wednesday
Last week’s prompt was ‘Muse‘ for which 22 posts were linked. SassyCat chose the posts of Cara Thereon, Hannah Lockhardt and LurvSpanking as her top 3.
The next prompt is ‘Whispers‘ and the top 3 will be done by the very sexy Honey!

Tips & tricks

I have some work to do after I read this post on The Smutlancer: Being a Brand Isn’t a Bad Thing. We are all brands, did you know that? Kayla can tell you much more about that!

Ever wondered just what you will see when you click a category on a porn site? Not all of them are obvious (until you know which categories you like). Marc van Lier has made a list of them all in his post ‘An illustrated overview of all porn genres’.

If you are a writer, editing your words is something you have to do. In the post on the Smut Marathon site, there are some tips on self editing.

Last but not least

It’s elust time again. Make sure you add your best post of the last month to the digest before or on 7 December 2017.

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