Rebel’s Year in Review (Jan – Apr 2017)


Favorite posts of fellow bloggers
  1. For the asking by Molly – I did a similar post in 2016 and this is a subject really speaking to me. It’s so much part of my submissive nature, as it is of Molly’s.
  2. Invulnerability by Understanding Flutterby – a beautiful piece about trust and being protected by him even when she’s alone.
  3. Over My Head by Teachers have Sex – a beautiful piece of writing, of love and friendship and sadness and getting stronger.
My own favorites
Achievements/Mentions in this month
Life’s curveballs

Early January mom got sick. We thought she had the virus that went around, where people had a terrible cough for weeks. Then she coughed up blood and she knew something was wrong. She didn’t tell us about the blood, only that she was going to the doc. The doc wanted to see her back after a week, and when she finally managed to go there 9 days later, she had to drag herself out of bed and off to see him. We didn’t know that she was this weak already. On 26 January she saw the doc and had X-rays done. On 27 January the doc didn’t call her with the results, but visited her at home.

“Lung cancer,” he said, and: “It doesn’t look good.”


Favorite posts of fellow bloggers
  1. Jennifer over the desk by Jerusalem Mortimer – from the first moment I started reading this story about Jennifer, I was hooked!
  2. Dancing by Luckyman – this is a Dutch writer who occasionally writes in English. He plays with words in both languages.
  3. Mum by Eye – this struck a chord with me, because just two weeks before this my mom was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer. Like Eye, I am losing my mom, but to a different illness than she is losing hers. I am not ready yet to write a post like this, and I don’t know if I ever will be…
My own favorites
Achievements/Mentions in this month

I had some beautiful birthday wishes from two lovely ladies:

Life’s curveballs

By the time this month was only two weeks old, I already had the idea that two months had past. The first two weeks were filled with appointments for mom. She had to see the oncologist, had to go for lung tests, X-rays, an ECG, blood tests, CT-scan, PET scan and a bronchoscopy. The latter was incredibly traumatic. She came back from it, crying. “Never again,” she said. Since the bronchoscopy was not a success (they needed to take tissue from the tumor), mom had to go for a CT guided long puncture. That night she was in ICU, because she had a lung bleeding and her lung collapsed. They kept her in a medically induced coma for 24 hours and the first thing she said when she woke the next day was: “Is my daughter okay?”
Her lung collapsed a second time when they took the drain out and they had to put it back in. She was only moved to a regular ward 6 days later.

Mom really wanted me to celebrate my birthday on the twenty-fifth, but that day she was still in hospital, very ill, feverish, but oh so damn proud, telling everyone who wants to listen that her daughter turned 50.


Favorite posts of fellow bloggers
  1. Better Than Dinner by Kayla Lords – this is so hot that it will make you squirm in your seat, like it did me.
  2. Necessary by SilverDom – a beautiful post which reminds us all that we should accept who we are and what we look like.
  3. So You Want To Be a Sex Blogger by Mrs Fever – there’s so much good advice in this post. Read it if you consider starting a sex blog.
My own favorites
Achievements/Mentions in this month
Life’s curveballs

Halfway through this month, mom was released from hospital. She didn’t go home, but was admitted to a care hotel because she was just too weak to go home and care for herself. While in hospital she was also treated for pneumonia, which was caused by the lung bleeding she had. On the twenty-third we had an appointment with the oncologist. This was the day that we heard that mom would be given four palliative chemo treatments, three weeks apart, starting the next week. This was also the day that the doctor said that mom had 4-6 months to live and the one question that kept on going through my mind was weather that excluded or included the two months that had already passed.


Favorite posts of fellow bloggers
  1. All for One, or One for All by Livvy – there’s so much in this post that spark thoughts of my relationship with Master T. Things that are similar and things that are different. What are we – polyamorous, non-monagamish or monogamish?
  2. Always Coming Second by Exposing40 – a post that ties in with the number 1 of this month. Where Livvy needs to be a primary, Exposing40 never wants that. Much food for thought here.
  3. Take this woman by LS – this ties in with one of my personal fantasies. It’s a good read and well-written too!
My own favorites
Achievements/Mentions in this month
Life’s curveballs

After the first chemo treatment mom had very little side effects and already in the second week she was walking around (with a walker) and feeling good. She went to physiotherapy and did her best to get stronger to be good for the next chemo, the second treatment. Several days after the second the care hotel moved to a location closer to the hospital. This time with the chemo mom was quite nauseous and very sleepy, but halfway through the second week she was feeling a bit better and ready to go to physiotherapy again. She wanted nothing more than to get better.

To be continued… Rebel’s Year in Review (May – Aug 2017)

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6 thoughts on “Rebel’s Year in Review (Jan – Apr 2017)

  1. Oh god Rebel I feel for you. Mum had a bronchoscopy too, same results, hugely traumatic and nothing to show. Collapsed lung Boxing day last year, died Early April, presumably lung cancer.
    I’m sorry – when I got to that part I couldn’t keep reading, it just brought it all back.

  2. Your “Life’s curveballs” sections make your Year in Review even more poignant I think . . . putting everything in perspective . . . and even more inspiring.
    Xxx – K

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