The Note

Kira absentmindedly stirred her tea. Around and around. The sugar has long dissolved, but she didn’t notice. The air was much colder now than it was when she sat in this same spot two months ago. Now she was drinking warm tea; back then she enjoyed a glass of white wine. A gentle breeze rustled through the trees and some leaves fluttered down to join the rest of the autumn-colored leaves on the footpath. Kira’s eyes followed one leave on its way down as it reminded her how much she loved the rich, vibrant colors of autumn. The red, yellow and orange leaves formed a beautiful carpet on the forest floor. Staring at the foliage, Kira remembered the last time she sat there.

Red toe nails peeped from her sandals and together with the red on her fingernails it perfectly matched the red spots in the fabric of her short summer dress. There’s an empty wine glass on the table next to her. Kira closed her her eyes and turned her face to the sun. A pleasant warmth enveloped and invaded her body.
“Shall I get you another?”
Kira opened her eyes and looked straight into those of the speaker. A lovely shiver ran through her body and nestled between her wet folds. Her nipples hardened and stood out against the soft fabric of her dress. A warm blush covered her face when his eyes briefly rested on her breasts. With a twinkle in his eyes, he looked back at her face. His smile broadened and she nodded in answer to his question. He turned around and only minutes later returned with a new glass of wine for her. He put down a second coaster, put the glass on the first and walked back to the restaurant.

Kira thought it was strange that he had put down another coaster, but it was only when she picked up her glass that she saw the handwriting on the second coaster. She stared at the words: Second door right, after the ladies.
For a moment she wondered if it was that clear that she was horny. She pressed her legs together. The pressure that caused on her cunt further fueled her desire. Kira stood up, walked inside and looked around for a moment to find the sign for the restrooms. There was no one around when she entered a hallway in the back of the restaurant. She opened the second door after the restroom for the ladies.

He was waiting for her. Without a word, he pulled her into his embrace. They kissed with a horny urgency. His hands kneaded her bottom for a moment, but quickly moved to the straps of her summer dress. Still kissing, he pulled the straps from her shoulders and uncovered her breasts. Kira’s hands found his belt, unbuckled it and she pushed his zipper down. Quickly he turned her around and pushed her dress up. Her naked buttocks made him moan. Kira wasn’t wearing any underwear. He grabbed her hips and pushed his cock into her waiting cunt. Kira held onto the rack in front of her, half-bent forward. Her tits swung back and forth beneath her, in rhythm with his thrusts. Their orgasms were fierce and satisfying.

Back at her table she enjoyed the rest of her wine and she even ordered a third glass from a different waiter. The rest of the afternoon she didn’t see him anymore, the man who had fucked her. Even when Kira went back inside, this time to actually go to the ladies room, she didn’t see him. Disappointed, she paid and left.

Kira sighed and looked up at the multi-colored trees. The sky was a clear, cold blue and the sun’s rays shone through the dying leaves. It was a beautiul day. The summer was forgotten; autumn was a fact. She sighed once more. Summer adventures were exactly that: summer adventures. She shouldn’t make more of it than it was. Kira smiled and blushed when she thought of being trapped between his body and the racks in the tiny storage room. She remembered the raw passion between them. Her gaze wandered back to the leaves and her body reacted to the memories.

“Shall I bring you another cup of tea?”

Her nipples hardened in a Pavlovian reaction to his voice. She held her gaze fixed on the leaves when she nodded. She turned her head and watched him walk away. He disappeared from sight as he entered the restaurant. With an intense desire she hoped that there would be a note with her cup of tea.

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. Such an assured piece of writing Rebel, The scene was set so well and for a moment I thought I was reading a short story by Chekov. And then the hot an horny sex began, which I don’t recall in Chekov but he would have been envious I am sure. Brilliant throughout. CP xxx

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