The Love Mop

The Love MopI received an email with the question to review The Love Mop. My first thought was that there is nothing to review, because after all, this is only a towel. Then I looked closer. No! This is not only a towel. It’s a cute novelty item, something you don’t really need, but it would be nice to have. I asked them to send me one and I would do a post about it.

For this post I am not going to use the headings I normally do when doing a review, but just tell you about the Love Mop.

In essence, it’s nothing more than a small towel. Smaller than a towel you will use to dry your hair but bigger than one you would hang in the small room for people to dry their washed hands after they have used the toilet. This is a towel you can keep next to your bed, to use after those hot and sexy moments that have left you wet with your or your lover’s juices.

The towel is approximately 70 centimeters long and 34 centimeters wide (25’x12′ for those who work in inches). Each Love Mop is packed in a craft envelop with a window through which you can see the Love Bucket logo that is embroidered on the towel. The towel itself is made of 100% cotton with a double yarn weave to soak up any fluids you can imagine. The Love Mop comes in two colors – white and dark grey.

The Love MopThe idea for the love towel started when a couple decided they don’t want to use T-shirts anymore to dry up after sex, but wanted to keep a dedicated towel at the bed. However, whatever they had in house was just not what they needed and that’s when they decided to create the Love Mop.

Of course, you can still just use a regular towel or a washcloth, or even a T-shirt, but it would be nice to have a Love Mop next to your bed, won’t it? Or to give someone else one.

Hop over to the Love Mop site and buy yourself or someone else this novelty item! It’s the time of giving, after all…

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