Why I Stopped…

Some of you might have noticed that after sharing 15 posts I the Master Douglas series, I have stopped. There won’t be any other posts about him and his life, even though there are many stories I can still share.

However, I have chosen to stop with it.

I am intrigued by his life and he continues to tell me a lot about it. No, I definitely don’t agree with everything and I sometimes cringe when I see his ‘cruelty’ towards the women in his life. I always talk to him about it, remark on it, ask him questions and he always honestly answers them. Through those emails we exchanged after he had told me about a scene, I understood better. It gave his story a different feel. I spoke to Master T about this, about the fact that I had decided to stop with it and he said something that I have not thought of before: by simply translating Master Douglas’s stories, there was no nuance to it. By emailing with him after I have received the stories it showed me that he really cared about his slaves, but that caring part of him never came across in his stories.

I thought that my post on 12 September would make it clear that he is not a monster, that his slaves have safewords to use, that he would never administer more pain than he knows they can handle. Master Douglas would never harm anyone. He likes to play hard, but only if the slaves likes that too AND she can handle it. I don’t think… no I know that didn’t come across in any of the stories I have shared. It didn’t come across as I have simply been translating his words. And, to be frank, he is a man and he is no writer (sorry Douglas), which means he gave a business-like account of what happened in the sessions and there were little to no emotion from his side in his writings.

Like Bibulous One mentioned in one of his recent posts:

Sometimes working out how to write about a session is all about finding a way into the emotion of it, getting to grips with the intensity of the interchange between dominant and submissive.

It’s sometimes difficult enough for a writer to put the emotion into it, so I can understand that for a non-writer it might be even more difficult. Also, maybe some of the nuance of Douglas’s stories got lost in translation.

Master Douglas didn’t mind me stopping sharing his stories. In fact, before I told him I wanted to stop, I received mail from him where he said that he felt like someone from a different planet when he read the comments on the stories I have shared. I know there were some people who enjoyed the stories, but I have the feeling that the majority of people didn’t. Therefore, it’s better to stop.

Since the Master Douglas series was shared on Masturbation Monday, I am sharing this post for the meme again. As a sort of closure…

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5 thoughts on “Why I Stopped…

  1. Just goes to show how different we all are. Just read the Nettles story(13), and see nothing wrong with it at all. Everyone has desires which will not align with those of others, some may need that level of pain, some may cringe and shy away from it, pronouncing it a hard limit. Neither are wrong.

    I haven’t read any of the others, but I will now;I like to be challenged!

    Flip x

  2. I’m so glad you gave us closure on the series. And I’m glad there was more emotion to it than came through…I believed that for you to be willing to share the stories (as extreme as many of them felt to me) that this wasn’t a case of abusive behavior or someone who didn’t care. I really felt like there had to be more to it – that this was a genuinely consensual thing, and I’m glad to know that it was, even if I couldn’t get into some of what I read.

  3. Thanks for this post Rebel. I decided I would stop reading them after the nettle story, mainly because i felt like it would be very difficult to use a safe word in that situation and the pain would immediately or even very quickly stop rather than building in intensity. (I don’t know if this was your last one of Master Douglas’ writing or not.) I’m very pleased to read that the stories as translated did not reflect the real life situation and interactions accurately, and that Master Douglas does care and have care for his submissives, because all I saw was the cruelty. Like Aurora I’m also appreciative that I did get to read them because they helped me consider where my boundaries might be should I explore the D/s route.

  4. I did very much like some of the tales – almost with a historic interest but there were a couple that made me slightly uncomfortable – but I am glad you wrote them and very glad I got the chance to read them.

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