Dialogue and Morale #SoSS #4

Each week when I do my #SoSS post, I try to find a new title which reflect something from the post itself. This week I chose ‘Dialogue’ because of Michael Knight’s post, but also the post on the Smut Marathon site. ‘Morale’ is chosen because of the early writing of A that is being shared by her sister, M, and the way this post kept coming back to mind days after I have read it for the first time.

Sexy real life

This is not really a sexy post, but it sure as hell is about real life and I wanted to include it here. In Fountains of Wayne Michael Knight addresses an abusive commenter (Wayne) in a polite but strict way. Sometimes these things just need to be said!

Being kept between sleep and wake is what I thought was happening in Indigo’s story Drowsy, but a surprise awaited me. Lovely, erotic writing here!

I had to include this one here. I have never heard of the term ‘morale officer’ even though I myself was in the military, albeit in a different country. I love that M is sharing A’s writing with us. It must be hard, but is a damn brave thing to do. In ‘Morale Officer: Early Writing of A‘ you will learn just what this term means.

Erotic fiction

Madame Cibot is a fabulous piece of erotica written by Cousin Pons (books1799) where he kept the setting quite small but big things happened in the story. I love how outspoken the woman is about what she likes!

Hot damn, I love this story. I really am a fan of Ella Scandal’s writing and each time I read something of hers, I really enjoy it. The Big Finish is no different. This is so very sexy and hot!


The monthly prompt for December’s Sinful Sunday is ‘red’. Come share your lovely themed images for this meme. Fun thing is that you can also share images even if you don’t follow the prompt. Your ‘red’ image has to be linked to Sinful Sunday of 3 December 2017.

A photo of May More is the inspiration for this week’s Masturbation Monday. Come link your sexy posts for week 169 of this sexy meme!

Do you like to engage in wax play or are you intrigued by it? Maybe you want to write something and link it to Kink of the week, where the prompt is all about wax play. You have until 30 November 2017 to link your wax play posts.

The prompt for last week’s Wicked Wednesday was ‘Page 69‘ and some lovely stories were created from quotes in books. Horny Geek Girl did the top three and she chose Scandarella, Sex Matters and Jerusalem Mortimer. The prompt for next week’s Wicked Wednesday is ‘Muse‘ and the roundup will be done by SassyCat.

Tips & tricks

I am classifying the article ‘Autism and Kink – Guest Post by Amy Shiner‘ on Kink Academy as an article with tips. Our son and our oldest grandson have autism and it can be a challenge for people who know nothing about it.

Another tip is to watch this blog: NBRplaza. It’s actually a Dutch blog, but the owner has recently started translating posts in English and all new articles are posted in English and Dutch. Let’s see where this journey takes him!

The Smutlancer has a great tip for you, one I should actually follow too: Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Vacation From Creating Content.

On the site of the Smut Marathon today there are tips on ‘How to use dialogue in your stories‘. Dialogue can really make a story come alive, but then you have to use it in the right way, and not bore your reader.

Last but not least

More and more bloggers are joining in with #SoSS and you should surely read their posts too, as there are so many hot and sexy post, but also valuable and informational ones out there to share. Just enter the hasthag #SoSS on Twitter and you are sure to find those posts!

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