Tears and Cocks #SoSS #3

This week has been one very sexy blogging week. There were so many great posts that popped into my email and teased me to go read all of it. It seems the more I read, the more inspiration I find for my own posts. Is it the same with you?

So, let’s see what caught my attention this week…

Sexy real life

Crying after sex: two stories by Girl on the Net – This post is so incredibly beautiful because of its raw honesty and the way I’m sure many people will recognize themselves in this.

How can you not like the beautiful positive nature of Hannah Lockhardt’s post, Geography? It’s beautiful!

Anticipation by Hyacinth – talk about building up suspense. Damn, this is so hot and I really want to know what happened once he arrived!

I just had to include another post here, even though I wanted to keep it at three. You have to read ‘Warm Down‘ by Exhibit A. It is so damn sexy and hot!

Erotic fiction

Heavenly Silk by Cammies on the floor – this piece of fiction for the Kink of the week meme is so beautiful, so sensual and oh so hot! Cammies has outdone herself with this piece of writing.

I could not stop reading once I started on ‘Swap‘ by Cara Thereon. Just imagine waking up like this! Brilliant story!


The monthly prompt for December’s Sinful Sunday is ‘red’. Come share your lovely themed images for this meme. Fun thing is that you can also share images even if you don’t follow the prompt. Your ‘red’ image has to be linked to Sinful Sunday of 3 December 2017.

A photo of The Other Livvy is the inspiration for this week’s Masturbation Monday. Come link your sexy posts for week 168 of this sexy meme!

Do you like to engage in wax play or are you intrigued by it? Maybe you want to write something and link it to Kink of the week, where the prompt is all about wax play. You have until 30 November 2017 to link your wax play posts.

The Wicked Wednesday roundup for last week’s prompt has been done by Eye. This week’s prompt is ‘Page 69‘ and the top 3 will be done by Horny Geek Girl. I am sure she is looking forward to your posts as much as I am!


In this edition of #SoSS I want to highlight an oncoming competition that will be hosted by myself. In less than a month – on 15 December 2017 to be precise – entries will open for the writing competition of 2018: the Smut Marathon.
If you want to know more about it, please check the site and read information for writers and readers, but also the rules and the planning.

Over on Pixie Heart’s blog you can still enter her writing competition, combining horror and erotica. You have until 28 November 2017 to get your stories in.

Tips & tricks

Kayla has written about Eroticon and what she has learned when she attended the conference earlier this year. Of course she’s also promoting Eroticon 2018 and really, if you have half a chance, please make sure you attend the conference. Kayla explains why.

How do you describe your character’s voice? Is it appealing, breathy, flat or honeyed? Or maybe your character has a matter-of-fact way of speaking. Find a list of different ways to describe a voice.

Last but not least

If you are looking to draw more readers to your blog, one way to do it is to participate in memes. However, participating in memes is not all of it. Once you have added your link, make sure you visit some of the other entries and show some love by commenting on them. Just like you want to be read and want to know that you have been read, others want that too. Help to spread the love in this lovely community.

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