New Beginnings #SoSS #2

It’s wonderful to see so many people join in with #SoSS (Share our shit Saturday), sharing posts from fellow bloggers and erotic authors. Just go browse the #SoSS hashtag on Twitter to find those posts!

This is my roundup for week 45 of 2017.

Sexy real life

Forsaking all others by Exhibit A is a lovely post that reference their wedding and their vows, but also being faithful to their relationship, the unique one they have built with each other which lead to them now being a family unit.

I admire someone who can ask for something they want and sometimes wish I had the ability to do so more. Mrs Fever wrote a great post on communication, which she has called Cum-munication.

Erotic fiction

Oh darn, I would love to have a semi-public corner like this. The idea of being observed, but not knowing for sure whether someone sees you, is so hot and I think Livvy has perfectly captured that in her story Libraries gave us power…

I have a feeling this is not all fiction, but it is a damn sexy read. Read ‘Sharp Edges‘ by Cara Thereon and be prepared for all kinds of sharp edges.


This is not a prompt to write a piece and share it for a meme, but a prompt for you to come to Eroticon. There are so many good reasons in here why you should attend the conference. It doesn’t matter whether you are blogging as a hobby or whether you are a paid writer. Just come to the conference and go back home feeling loved, respected and energized!

You still have time to write and link your posts for the current Kink of the week prompt: Cutting/tearing clothes off. Come on, share your sexy stories.

Share your sexy stories for week 167 of Masturbation Monday, where the image is of the sexy Zen Nudist. You have until Tuesday to share your stories.

Last week’s prompt for Wicked Wednesday was ‘Telephone’. Exhibit A has done the roundup for that. The new prompt is ‘Geography‘ and the roundup will be done by Eye. The linky tool closes on Thursday 16 November at 10pm (GMT +1).

There’s a new prompt coming in 2018, the Art Twist, and you will be able to participate woth photographs, artwork and writing. It will start in January, but Indigo Byrd is looking for prompts and needs your input.

Tips & tricks

Do you want to write about sex, or are you already doing so, but you are struggling to choose between writing erotic fiction or sex education pieces? Maybe you want to write both but think it’s not possible? Kayla has some advise for you in her piece Smut vs. Sex Ed.

There is nothing more boring that a character in (erotic) fiction that is perfect. Make your character(s) more credible by allowing them to have character flaws.

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