Permission, sort of…

As I have mentioned here before, Master T is not well. It all started with his leg in September 2016 and progressed to a point where in December 2016 he started having panic attacks and hyperventilated almost 24 hours a day. He couldn’t go to his work anymore as driving became to dangerous, but thankfully he could and is still working from home.

His health and him not getting better also had an influence on our intimate life. My mom not being well and me being busy getting mom to appointments and worried sick about mom didn’t help either. Things first slowed down but then came to a grinding halt. Hugs and kisses were as far as we went. Neither of us had a sex drive, or rather, we had a sex drive but we were both too tired or in emotional (me) and physical (Master T) pain to act on the drive that was left.

It was only a week or two, maybe three, after mom’s funeral that I had the urge to masturbate again. Actually, I just wanted to have an orgasm as quickly as possible. My Womanizer helped with it. I knew I was actually supposed to ask Master T for an orgasm, but I didn’t want to bother him with it. Pain consumed him and sex was not on his mind. I didn’t want to make him feel bad about not having sex with me.

After that first time I told myself that I would tell him I did it, that I had masturbated and climaxed, but I never did. I ended up doing it again and again and again. I think it was about six weeks after mom passed away and about two weeks after Master T had been to see the GP and his anti-depressants were halved, that he brought me to several intense orgasms. It happened twice since and in between I still used my Womanizer about once a week.

It was only about a month ago that Master T and I had a conversation about our sex life not being what it was last year, about the fact that it will take some time before we have dates again and about orgasms. I can’t remember just how the conversation went, but I ended up telling him about my solo sessions.
“Nothing wrong with that,” he said and added: “I don’t mind watching either.”
“It mostly happens when you are still downstairs.”
In the past months, there were many nights where I could hardly keep my eyes open and went to bed before Master T. This barely never happened before, but I seem to need more sleep than him at the moment.
“Nothing wrong with that either,” he said.
“It means I am not asking permission for orgasms.”
“You will again… eventually.”

permissionWith that the conversation was done. He more or less gave me permission for orgasms, for masturbating without asking him before I do so. He didn’t say it explicitly, but he surely implied it. I am grabbing this with both hands – almost literally – but that doesn’t mean that I masturbate every evening. Sometimes not even every week. I do it whenever I feel the urge, and it never takes long. I have found a way that works for me, that relieves the tension in my body and satisfies me.

Just as a side-note: this doesn’t mean our D/s is gone. It just means that life has taken us on different routes for now. Other things are more important. I still sleep with my night collar and still submit to Master T. It’s just not as obvious between us as this moment as it has been before, but it’s still there.

While I wait for Master T to heal and to get his sex drive back, I will just enjoy the fact that I have carte blanche for orgasms… sort of.

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  1. “Life happens” is what I say and it isn’t always in the best of ways. Yes, we too have been there and it just goes to show that even in a D/s relationship there are things that can temporarily derail it. Sounds like you are both handling it well. Wishing a speedy recovery for Master T.

  2. I hate that you’re still at a mismatched point, but I can empathize. We’ve been there before. When my mental health was on the rocks, JB masturbated a LOT more than normal because kinky fuckery just wasn’t an option for me. And sometimes (although it’s rare), he’s got something going on that interferes with his sex drive, and I take care of business for myself. It sucks but I think it’s just the natural ebb and flow of relationships. I liked that little note at the end…yes, you’re still D/s, even if some components can’t work the way they usually do. And anyone who thinks otherwise needs to zip it. ((HUGS))

  3. Master T sounds like he’s taking a sensible approach to your current situations, respectively. Have you guys considered mutual masturbabtion, or maybe him ‘directing’ you in your solo sessions as he watches? That might maintain the D/s bond.

    1. He’s not very much into sex at this moment. Where my desire is slowly returning, his is still too low. For now I am doing it with solo sessions, but as said, our D/s is not gone.

  4. I so get this! At times life has an impact on one’s D/s relationship however it does not mean the relationship is gone, just evolves or altered temporarily due to current situations.

    Lord Raven and I are currently dealing with the sudden illness and death of my Dad and the impact of that on our kids and life. Like Master T and yourself we have found honesty and communication is what works for us


  5. Such love and honesty in your writing Rebel. And once again another brilliant insight into the life you lead with Mr T. So sorry he is not well.
    Once upon a time I could barely say the word masturbation and now I’m writing about it in my blog/stories thanks to you and the inspiration of others. x

  6. We have a route in our head but sometimes life events mess with that. I feel you will get back to your route in time and meanwhile, masturbting is a great relaxer. Sometimes I am awake in the night and cannot sleep – I occasionally lay next to him and masturbate to relax, hearing his heavy sleeping noises. Then I fall to sleep again;-)

  7. Life is so complicated at times isn’t it. What I’m hearing in this story is the love you have for each other, and what a kind man Mr T. is too.
    *Hugs with permission*

  8. what a good girl you are
    i am sure that things will get back to being normal in time, and i am sure he enjoys watching you masturbate and cum – i know i would love to watch 🙂 perhaps in time Mr T will have you masturbate on webcam so that a few people can watch and appreciate your pleasuring yourself.
    very best wishes to you both

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