People on the street. A window. Me, half-naked. Body…
… exposed.

An empty flat. All love gone. Only sadness remains. Emotions…
… exposed

Hair. Body. Tattoo. Curves. Nothing hidden…
… exposed to your eyes.


© Rebel’s Notes

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18 thoughts on “Exposure

  1. I like how you took the theme and expressed it several ways; the exposure of emotions can be so painful, but hopefully it opens us up to deeper emotional experiences. <3

    1. Yes, mom’s flat. We had it for a month after she passed. We wanted to remember it in a positive way so used it for photos.

  2. It’s a gorgeous photo, but I feel like I’ve missed something awful, and I’m not sure what… If everything’s ok then great and it’s been very evocative and effective. If not – hugs if permitted.
    Indie oxo

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