Master Douglas (15) – Fifty-Four

This is the story of Master Douglas, a Belgian Dom who tells me stories from his life, and which I translate for this blog, with his permission. This is not my story, but his.

Continued from… Master Douglas – Rebel’s Mail

Jenna opens the door for Nina and then goes upstairs to wait in the bedroom. Douglas is friendly but aloof when he greets Nina. What’s between them is nothing but a business agreement. Nina needs something Douglas can give her: a spanking. Douglas will use the paddle Nina has left with him the first time he has spanked her.

“Fifty-four,” Nina says. That is the number of strokes she wants.
“We will do it here. You can lean over the table,” Douglas says.

Douglas walks away to get Nina’s paddle. When he returns, Nina is naked. She doesn’t stand in any kind of starting position because this is not part of their agreement. Back when the agreement was made, Nina suggested that she only takes her jeans off when Douglas spanks her. Douglas didn’t want that, so they compromised that Nina will always be naked and that Douglas decides her position, the rhythm and the force of the strokes. There will be no touching other than the number of strokes Nina decides she wants. If she wants to stop before the number is reached, she can use her safeword.

“Get ready,” Douglas orders.
Nina stands against the table, spreads her legs and leans forward, resting her hands on the table. Douglas takes the time to look her over. Her body proportions are not equal everywhere. Her thin body carries two big breasts that Nina frequently experiences as a burden. Her cunt, on the contrary, looks like that of a young girl – a closed slit under a non-remarkable mound. Douglas pushes against Nina’s lower back for her to push her bottom up some more.

Douglas has noticed that every time Nina visits him, she asks him for eighteen strokes more than the previous time. He anticipates that a time will come that he will have to hit Nina so many times that his arm will be too tired to continue. That’s something Douglas doesn’t want, so he decides to do it different this time.

He wants to see when Nina breaks.

The first stroke is hard. Very hard. Nina jumps up, swearing.
“Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck, fuck-fuck!”
Douglas waits patiently until she leans against the table again. The second stroke is just as hard, but Nina is prepared. She bends her legs to compensate the pain, but quickly resumes her position. Numbers three and four follow each other in quick succession.

Douglas gives her some time. Fifty strokes remain. He has no idea whether the spanking makes her wet, but he can see that her nipples has hardened. Her bottom is bright red already. With hard strokes he continues in a low tempo until he reaches fifteen. By now Nina’s body is constantly shaking, she has started to cry and after each stroke she screeches in pain. When Douglas reaches thirty strokes she could hardly stand. After each stroke he has to give her time to get back into position. She keeps on moaning in pain, even between strokes. Her bottom is turning purple.

Douglas alternates between right and left. At forty Nina cannot help herself. Her hands instinctively go to her bottom.
“Stand right,” Douglas orders, but Nina is so filled with pain that she cannot stand right anymore. Her shoulders are slumped forward and her bottom pushed backwards.
“I’m going to tie you down on the bed upstairs for the last strokes.”
“That’s fine,” Nina agrees in a barely audible voice.
Douglas ties her hands and legs to the posts of the bed. She lies on her stomach on the bed, her body forming a cross. A couple of pillows under her pelvis help to raise her bottom.

“I am going to give you the remaining fourteen strokes all in one series.”
Nina nods in agreement while tears flow freely down her face and her body shakes from the pain. Douglas administers the fourteen strokes in a quick tempo. Nina screeches incessantly and she yanks at the cuffs that keep her hands and feet in place.

Douglas puts the paddle away.
“Shall I untie you?”
Nina nods and as soon as her hands are untied, they go to her bottom. Douglas leaves her and go to the bedroom next door, where Jenna waits. He unfastened his pants and Jenna offers herself, on her back on the bed.
“How is she?” she asks.
Douglas lies down on Jenna and enters her.
“She will be okay,” he says.
“You’ve hurt her a lot.”
“Her screams could be heard everywhere in the house.”
Jenna smiles as Douglas climaxes in her. He pulls out and tells her to lick him clean before he goes back to check on Nina.
“May I masturbate?” Jenna asks just before he leaves the room.

Nina stood next to the bed, supporting herself on a chair. She is still in pain.
“Do you want to go to the bathroom?” Douglas asks.
“No, not necessary.”
“Do you want to masturbate? Then I will leave you alone.”

Douglas supports her and together they walk downstairs to where her clothes are. Jenna is downstairs on the couch, masturbating. Nina gets dressed. She is wearing a dress. This is a lesson she quickly learned after the first spanking – that wearing denims is painful after a hard spanking. She uses a tissue to wipe her tears.
“Thank you,” she says with a weak smile and walks to the front door.
The people in the street will see nothing other than a young woman that has a bit of difficulty walking.

Please note: Since there is some controversy around this true story and Master Douglas feels uncomfortable with the comments on the story, I am stopping this series. I will still use the stories he has told me, but have to decide in which form I will share them.

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