~ adjective: coming closer together, converging
Modestly keeping my legs… together…

ยฉ Rebel’s Notes

Click to see who else is playing Sinful Sunday this week:

Sinful Sunday

17 thoughts on “Convergent

  1. I’m loving this white background / black lingerie thing that seems to be happening in a lot of photos this week; the fishnets are stunning on your glorious legs!

  2. LOVE me some fishnets! Now you’ve got me thinking about wearing them at an event I’m going to. And damn, woman, you’ve got some great legs!

  3. Wow . . . such a wonderful photo Marie.
    And I’m all for modestly keeping one’s legs together . . . well usually anyway!
    And I LOVE the red nails through the black net!!!
    Xxx – K

  4. Fishnets for the win. I thought about doing a fishnets post for the prompt because I knew it would work well with the extra light but I am glad I didn’t as yours is brilliant


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