Articulated Moments

“Bend over.”
Each word was articulated perfectly and accentuated by the hand that lay in the small of her back. Suze slowly bent forward. Even though he held power over her – and he knew that – her defiant nature was never easily subdued. Brad smiled behind her back. He never encouraged her resistance, but loved that she always showed that part of her personality, no matter what the circumstance.

“Stay in position.”
The curve of her bottom kept his attention while his fingers worked on the buttons of his shirt and denims. His half hard cock sprang to attention as soon as it was freed from its confinement. His eyes follow the inner line of Suze’s legs towards the puffy lips between her legs, where some wetness glistened invitingly.

“Are you wet?”
His fingers answered the question. Suze’s answer was to wriggle her ass, luring him to touch her, but he didn’t need her encouragement. His finger slipped between her labia, dipping in and spreading her wetness towards the hard nub waiting at the top of her slit. A sigh escaped her lips, not when he touched her clitoris, but when he stopped.

“Spread your legs.”
For some split seconds Suze didn’t move. Then, in the same precise tempo in which Brad had spoken the words, she did as she was told. Her labia parted some, showing some of her inner pink, revealing more of her wetness. Brad’s cock twitched. It was hard and achingly ready to enter the sweet wonders she was offering him.

“Keep still.”
His hands gripped her hips, immobilizing her even though Suze wasn’t moving. The tip of his cock touched her labia and slowly started to part them even further, searching for the delicious entrance hidden in her inner-pink folds. A moan sounded around then when the entrance became the doorway to their mutual pressure.

“Good girl.”
Those words, less articulated than the previous ones, melt Suze every time. She pushed up onto her tiptoes, allowing him to push in deep and hard. Her cunt muscles tightened around his hard cock, trying to trap him inside, without success. His slow fucking awakened the urgency in her core.

Fuck… fuck… fuck me.”
Her words were nowhere as clear as his. With each ‘fuck’ she seemed to breath in and out a the same time, allowing her words to escape her lips like a hiss. The invitation was accepted. Brad tightened his grip on her hips and pushed. One. Two. Three. Hard. Deliberate. Slamming into her bottom. Touching her cervix with each push inside.

“Yes. Fuck. Yes. Fuck. Yes…”
Suze moaned and swore and cried and pushed back hard against him, meeting every thrust and opening up to accept all he had to offer. The urgency ignited a flame which burnt bright and hot and exploded into a million lights as her orgasm erupted inside and enveloped his cock and her being accepted his seed.

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