Wet Sheets

A horny woman + a glass dildo = squirting

This happened in a hotel room when we had a date with The Traveler

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17 thoughts on “Wet Sheets

  1. This is amazing! I’m so envious as you managing to get such a great image, I’ve never been able to capture my squirting good times!

  2. I think *I* might squirt after looking at this photo – ridiculously sexy. Something about a woman just wearing heels and stockings…

  3. You look great, have to start there. Seeing the wet sheet just brings to mind times where I’ve experienced a partner soaking the sheets with desire. And btw – the heels rock!

  4. Great photo! I love that it takes a little time to reveal itself. Another score for the amazing glass dildo!

  5. I love this, the negative space is so cool because it takes you a moment to see that it is not empty but splatter with a liquid story


  6. That is a wonderful shot – I love that composition, off centre so you are drawn in to figure out why. And then you see…

    Plus, yeah, looking very hot there, Marie. Love that outfit (and can just see the collar!).

  7. What a great photo -exactly what the sheets are all about. Really like the image of your tits in the corner of the photo, and you still have your heels on – great!

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