The Shadow Effect

I don’t know if you have the same when you look at this image, but the first that draws my attention is the shadow, and only then my eyes are drawn to the left of the image. I don’t particularly like the shadow, because it accentuates my round bottom. What’s funny or strange or remarkable (you decide) is that I am quite proud of my bottom, despite it being a bit too round, so I can’t explain to you why I don’t like the shadow…

I do, however, like the image.

shadow effect
Me, my shadow and I…

© Rebel’s Notes

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17 thoughts on “The Shadow Effect

  1. I do love playing with shadows and this is just a wonderful example of how shadows can play tricks on us. Great shot, great fishnet clad legs too!

  2. My eyes definitely gravitate toward the sexy blue panties and stockings, and the lovely body they’re on. Shadows are tricksy in the ways they make us re-think how we perceive reality.

  3. I love this photograph! To me it looks as though the shadow doesn’t match up, like it’s the shadow of someone stood profile. If that makes any sense lol! It makes it so interesting! And you look amazing in fishnets!
    Aurora x

  4. well actually after reading what you wrote i looked directly at your bottom and then licked my lips. like you i am not so keen on the shadow but looking at the actual picture i find it so hot hot hot and sexy and i just want to kiss your delicious looking bottom ( well then i want to lick it 🙂 )

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