Full Moon

Okay, so I seem to have the talent to make a fool of myself, even when I am aware that it might happen. Sometimes I am not aware at all, like the time Master T and I were in a Islamic supermarket, buying meat and he pointed to something and asked me what meat that might be. ‘I think it’s pork,’ I said and was SO happy that no one heard me, after Master T reminded me that it can never be pork. I knew this of course, but just didn’t think before I spoke.

I can tell you a million stories of me making a fool of myself, but let me tell you about the latest episode. We have a new regular hangout and love to go there, because the people are very interested in our lives. Not only ours of course, but that of all customers. They know about the flood we had in house and one of the ladies asked whether everything was in order again.
“Show her the images,” Master T said.
I started searching for the images and found them in the media section of the Whatsapp messages between Master T and me. But, there are other images in there too. I checked which side I should scroll before I turned the screen to the lady, fully in control.
“Watch out what you show her,” Master T joked.
“Yes, she said, I don’t want to see the naughty ones.”
I laughed and blushed, but scrolled through the photos to proudly show her what our house looks like now. Then it happened. I think my finger must have touched the ‘back’ button, because suddenly I was back in the list, where all photos are shown in little squares.

I immediately touched a photo of the house again but not quick enough.
“Ah, I saw the full moon,” she said with a huge smile, and my blush turned to crimson as I laughed as innocently as I could.

full moon
This is what she saw…

There’s another story to this photo, one I might tell you one day, or might just keep for myself…

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16 thoughts on “Full Moon

  1. I think that was a pretty diplomatic way to phrase it! Your ass looks *great* framed by the long shirt and tights. This reminded me of a time I lent my camera to a friend to look at travel photos and she went too far and started scrolling though nude pics – luckily, we both just found that hilarious!

  2. Oh yes! I have done this too. No-one is ever allowed to look through the photos on my phone and if I have anything interesting to show anyone, I make sure I download and delete the naughty ones first!

  3. As I have grandkids who have no sense of boundaries, I spent quite a bit of time the other day removing evidence from my phone prior to going to The Oasis for the weekend with my family – I too can be a bit of a clutz so I daren’t risk it.
    Great pic, love the roundness it really is a lovely full moon! (and it sounds like a friendly community which is nice…)

  4. Hahaha I’ve done this! I actually load pics into an image editor to show people now to stop the dreaded scroll. Great story and fabulous pic.

    Candy xx

  5. The joys of photos on the phone ! I can relate to this from both sides – I have some folk me in underwear and seen my mates’s OH in the shower LOLS At least your bum looks awesome in it x

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