His Car Keys

The sound of his car keys clattering into the bowl on the table in the hallway was the sound she waited for every afternoon. He always followed the same routine. Roundabout six in the afternoon his car would pull into the driveway. Two minutes later she would hear his key scratching as it entered and turned in the keyhole and the door would open. The door would close and then there would be silence, but she knew that was when he put his briefcase under the coat rack, from where he would retrieve it later in the evening. He would hang up his coat and then reach into the left pocket of his pants to take out his car keys and deposit them in the ceramic bowl.

It was close to six o’clock and outside the sun was already setting behind the horizon. The ticking of the clock was all Elisa heard now as here thoughts traveled back to that one morning.

Her early mornings always looked the same. She woke at five thirty and would get up before him to make coffee and breakfast. Half an hour later he would join her, freshly showered and handsome in a suit, ready for his day at the office. A hand on her bottom, a peck on her cheek and a whispered good morning preceded breakfast, coffee and his morning paper. An hour later he would leave to face the morning traffic and get to the office as early as possible for a day full of meetings and making deals, while she went back to bed to sleep until eight thirty before starting her chores for the day.

That one morning was different.
Something had woken her. Not her alarm clock. Something else. She glanced at the clock, noticing that it would chime in about half an hour. Since she was wide awake, she decided to get up. His hand held her back. Surprised she turned around to face Jake.
“Stay with me,” he smiled and pulled her into his embrace.

She turned her face up towards him. He looked down at her, his eyes full of love and bent his head down to kiss her. Not a peck, but a deep, lingering kiss that ignited the flames in her core. Elisa moaned and pressed her body against his. He pulled her closer and his hand moved down, clawing at her night gown to get under it. He finally found the hem and slipped his hand under it and right inside her knickers. His fingers pushed through the curly hair and gently touched her clitoris. Elisa moaned. The last time they started the day with sex, they were young and full of dreams for a family, which never happened. Lust rushed through her body as she arched her back. Jake’s fingers moved back to her pubic hair, grabbed a handful and pulled.

“Yessss,” Elisa hissed. “Yessss.”
“You like that. I forgot how much you liked this.” Jake said and pulled harder.
“Jake, please, please.”
“Please more? Please no more? Tell me, Elisa, tell me.”
“More. More. I want more. Fuck me.”
In an instant he turned her over on her stomach, pulled her night dress up, pushed an arm under her and lifted her to her knees. Her bottom was now up in the air, right in front of him. Slaps rained down on it. Elisa’s moans turned into screams, then wailing, then begging. Her fingers found her clitoris the moment Jake rammed his rigid cock deep into her, fucking her hard and deep enough to hit her cervix. She almost passed out when her orgasm overwhelmed her and lay in his arms afterwards, feeling his semen leaking from her sore cunt.

His hand wasn’t merely on her bottom when he came downstairs for breakfast. He slapped her hard on both cheeks and the peck on her cheek now was a passionate kiss. She sat across from him at the breakfast table, naked. His attention wasn’t only with his paper. Several times Jake glanced at Elisa. Silent communication passed between them. Life had dealt them some blows. It had taken years for them to adjust to life without a family. Something had changed. The universe was smiling down at them again. They had healed and were ready to continue where they had left off years ago. Ready to continue soon. That night.

Jake held Elisa close to him before he left for work, kissing her mouth and her neck and fondling her breasts. He left her panting and wet in the kitchen. She heard him retrieving his keys from the ceramic bowl on the table in the hallway and waited for the front door to close behind him.

Jake didn’t come home that night. He never came home again. His car keys were in the bowl, where Elisa had put them on the day she returned from the funeral.

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