Wall Hugger

wall hugger
~ noun: A person who is socially awkward and not outgoing.

I can be quite shy and I guess I can also be socially awkward and not outgoing, until I feel at ease with the people around me… then I am definitely not a wall hugger…


wall hugger
… here I am a different type of wall hugger…

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20 thoughts on “Wall Hugger

  1. How wonderful! It all blends together perfectly, the streak of sun and your shadow, the sun flare opposite, the view outside, there’s so much there and it fits together perfectly. You look lovely in fishnets, the splash of color from your panties and tat… wow!

  2. This such a hot sexy image Marie. The empty room without even a carpet seems so unwelcoming but on the other hand there you are bathed in sunlight with your breasts pressed against the wall. You draw us in and make us think that perhaps this isn’t such a bad place after all. There’s so much to ponder here.

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