Lending A Hand

I am tired from the multiple orgasms I just had, but there’s one more thing I want to do before we go to sleep. I turn on my right side, resting my head on Master T’s shoulder. His arm is around me and he holds me tightly and kisses my head. A sound of contentment escapes me and at the same time I rest my left hand rests on his tummy and slowly moves downstairs. He’s still wearing his underpants, but that’s just the way I like it.

The fabric keeps his balls and cock firmly in place and I love the feel of it under my hand as I cup it. His cock is half-hard, but I know that will soon change. Using my nails, I scratch his balls. I can press down harder because of the fabric and from the sounds he makes, I know he enjoys the movement of my fingers and hand. I run my nails down further, touching his perineum and listen to his breathing quickening. My nails move from his perineum, over his balls, along his shaft to the tip of his cock. It’s not half-hard anymore, but not nearly as hard as I want it. Several times my nails travel the same part and each time I move towards the tip of his cock, it’s harder, until it strains to escape his underpants. Sometimes even, the tip of his cock pushes out of its constraints.

That’s when I push my hand into his underpants and push his underpants down to free all the delicious bits he have been hiding. I have to be more careful now with my nails, but I still run them over his tight balls, up along the shaft and towards the head of his cock a couple of times. Only when I am ready, my fingers encircle his cock. No lube, no means of lubrication, only my hand.

Up and down I move my hand, moving the skin of his cock up and down, alternating between covering and exposing the head of his cock. His cock seems to grow even harder. My thumb gently presses down on the tip of his cock and then spreads the pre-ejaculate around in circles. I twist my wrist as I move up and down, to not only make up and down movements, but also a kind of circling one. When I think he gets to close to an orgasm, I let go of his cock and return to running my nails over his balls.

Most times when I do this my arm gets tired because I have zero support for it. That’s when I use my right hand to support the left so I can continue to make him moan in the rhythm my hands moves. I know he will soon want release…

… this is where things can go different ways…

… he can allow me to continue my handjob and bring him to an orgasm, ejaculating over my hand and his stomach, but in all the years we’ve been together that has happened maybe two or three times/

… he might say two words: “Suck me!”
My hand will continue its up- and downward movements along his shaft, but then my mouth will help to bring him his orgasm, and of course, I will swallow all of it.

… he might tell me to straddle him, which I will gladly do as there is something magical to feel him slip between my sensitive folds, sensitive from all the orgasms I had, and ride him until I feel his cock pulsating inside me as he ejaculates.

… he might give me a choice between sucking him or straddling him. I think my choices are about 50/50 between straddling and sucking, as I really love doing both!

I love giving Master T a handjob, no matter how it ends. Just feeling him grow under my hand is sexy as hell!

© Rebel’s Notes

4 thoughts on “Lending A Hand

  1. I love all the choices you lay out at the end of this… makes me think you should write an erotic Choose Your Own Adventure book!

  2. Oooh, that is a very hot description. I love the feeling of a cock turn hard in my hands (and/or mouth). I also love that moment of freeing his cock from the constraints of his underwear. It’s like unwrapping a long awaited gift.

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