Erotic Art

This post is long overdue!

In the summer of 2016 Mary Bassett asked for people to submit photo’s to her and she would turn it into erotic art. I submitted my logo picture, and this is what she made of it…

Marie A. Rebelle
My photo, turned into a painting…

I have no idea how she has done this, whether this has really been done on canvas or if it has been turned into a digital painting, but I liked and still like the result!

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16 thoughts on “Erotic Art

  1. Wow, Marie, this is gorgeous! I used to walk by a pasture everyday to and from school that had a little sorrel pony in it – he had this incredible long mane and tail that would toss and fly as he galloped about. I called him Fury, and his mane and tail were almost the exact shade of your beautiful, fiery red hair here.

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