Master Douglas (13) – Nettles

This is the story of Master Douglas, a Belgian Dom who tells me stories from his life, and which I translate for this blog, with his permission. This is not my story, but his.

Continued from… Master Douglas – Punishing Jenna

Alice visits during the weekend. Douglas sends her out with a task. She has to find nettles – enough branches to make a whip and some fresh leaves fro a small grand finale. She returns with a small package and deep down she knows what her master has in mind. Douglas orders her to undress, before he puts her collar around her neck. She’ then has to make a whip from the nettle branches and to put the fresh leaves on a saucer.

“I’m done, Master,” Alice says.
Douglas tells her to take her position – standing with her legs spread and her hands in her neck. He hits her breasts eight times with the nettle whip, waits and does it once more. The next lashes – eight again – land on her cunt. From Alice’s reactions, Douglas can see that the nettles start to do their work.

“Spread your lips,” Douglas orders.
Alice pulls her labia apart. Douglas looks into her eyes. They are slightly damp and tiny shocks run through her body. Douglas takes a long nettle twig, pushes it between Alice’s labia and then pulls it through her slit in one smooth movement. Alice throws her head back, biting her teeth. Her body shaking, she resumes her position.

“Good girl,” Douglas praises her, “shall we finish this?”
“Yes please, Master.”
“Take the leaves from the saucer and rub them on your clitoris until you come.”
Alice spreads her legs even wider and starts to rub the nettle leaves over her clitoris. It doesn’t take long before her body starts shaking and she climaxes.
“I’m done, Master,” she says and gets back into the starting position. Some of the leaves are stuck to her cunt.
“You’re a wet beast!”
“Yes, Master.”

Douglas calls for Jenna to join them and orders her to undress. He attaches their collars to each other so their heads and upper bodies touch. Jenna stands uncomfortable and Alice trembles slightly. Douglas knows that neither of the two women have any interest in other women, but he wants to enjoy the scene for a bit longer. He tells Jenna to spread Alice’s buttocks. Douglas takes a nettle twig to push into Alice’s anus. Alice tenses.
“Yes Master.”
Alice’s body stays tense.
“Relax, or should Jenna stretch your hole?”
Alice relaxes and Douglas pushes the twig into her ass, which results in a cute tail. Now he also wants something in the front.

“Open your cunt.”
The two women move around, as well as their limitations allow them to, so Alice could pull her labia apart and open her cunt as ordered. Douglas pushes another twig into her cunt. He likes the look and Alice’s trembling and sits back to enjoy it for several minutes.
“Shall I relief you?”
“Yes, please, Master.”
“Go take a to soothe the irritation.”
“Thank you, Master.”
Douglas unties the woman and orders Jenna to run a bath for Alice. When he gets upstairs with Alice, who was still trembling and with the two ‘tails’ still sticking from her openings, Jenna was waiting with soft soap and perfume.

“Get in bath,” Douglas tells Alice.
“Thank you, Master.”
The water immediately helps to lessen the irritation from the nettles. Jenna pulls the twigs from Alice’s openings.
“Do you want to masturbate?”
“Yes, Master,” Alice answers Douglas.
“Go ahead.”

Douglas and Jenna watch as Alice touches herself and soon her body relaxes into an orgasm. Alice opens her eyes when she hears Douglas order that Jenna has to massage and stroke Alice’s body to help the irritation to ebb. Jenna is wary of this. She’s not used to touching another woman’s body. Douglas puts a short crop within reach. Jenna immediately understands and changes her touching of Alice’s body to what she knows Douglas wants. Alice’s nipples harden.
“Make her come,” Douglas orders Jenna.
Jenna’s hand disappears between Alice’s legs. She strokes and fingers her as best as she could. Douglas moves the crop closer and Jenna pushes her finger deeper into Alice. It takes some time for Alice to show her pleasure, which makes Jenna nervous. She’s trying her best to get Alice off. Finally, she succeeds.

“Stand up,” Douglas orders Alice.
He takes the shower head and rinses Alice’s body with cold water. Alice gasps and tenses and her nipples harden again.
“Bend over,” Douglas orders. He turns up the force of the water jet and directs it at her openings. It was clear that she was in pain. When the water touches her clitoris, she pulls away.

“Dry her off,” he orders Jenna, “and then she can rest on bed.”
He enters the bedroom some time later. White spots cover Alice’s body and she is still itching. Douglas opens his pants and instinctively Jenna offers herself by bending forward. He fucks his wife with his slave watching them.

To be continued… Master Douglas – Rebel’s Mail

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6 thoughts on “Master Douglas (13) – Nettles

  1. It seems I’m the dissenting voice here. Whilst having orifices assaulted with nettle twigs doesn’t appeal, this tale fits into the same realm as my own darker desires and fantasies. It fascinated me, completely, and as someone who always craves a deeper masochism, this definitely appeals.

  2. While I do have some thoughts that tend to run to a darker place this for me went to place I could not go.
    I do know of people that engage in what I would consider Edge Play and I respect that it is not some I am inclined towards.

  3. It’s definitely too cruel and sadistic for my dark fantasies. I want to stay objective but it’s too easy to imagine how I *personally* would feel about it happening to me. To each their own, of course…

  4. Too much for me, sorry, though it may be fine for others. I did consider ignoring it, but felt I had to contribute in some way. Indie

    1. Thanks for your comment. Believe me, this goes too far for me too, but I wanted to include it…

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