Master Douglas (12) – Punishing Jenna

This is the story of Master Douglas, a Belgian Dom who tells me stories from his life, and which I translate for this blog, with his permission. This is not my story, but his.

Continued from… Master Douglas – Full Moon

Jenna returns from a shopping trip, grumpy because she couldn’t find what she wanted. When Douglas asks her something she reacts in a cranky manner. He’s not prepared to accept this. Even though he understands where her grumpiness comes from, he doesn’t allow her to bash him about it. He says nothing, but allows her to unpack the bags and put everything away. As soon as she’s done, he unbuttons his pants. Jenna knows what it means.

“Against the table,” Douglas says.
Meekly she pulls up her dress and bends forward over the table. Douglas rams his dick as hard as possible into her cunt. In silence she undergoes the fucking.
Douglas doesn’t like to punish. He doesn’t understand other masters who frequently tells their slaves that they need to be punished. He never needs a reason to be busy with his wife or slave. He only sometimes reminds them of the fact that he is their master, the way he has just done with Jenna.

Even so, he’s not satisfied.
“Undress and go to the room,” he ordered.
Jenna is fully naked and in the required position when Douglas enters the room. He binds her hands together and pull them above her head with the tackle. He chooses the cat-o-nine tails, but before he starts, he looks at her, wondering about the number of lashes to give her. Douglas wants to strike her back and bottom in a rapid series and full power. Twenty seems too little and with forty she might be begging for mercy. Douglas decides to go with thirty, but he doesn’t tell Jenna.

He turns the handle of the cat-o-nine around in his hand , grips it tightly and sees Jenna’s body tensing. She anticipates what is coming. She knows what is coming. Douglas can administer the thirty lashes in about one minute.

The first lash hits Jenna hard on her back. She screams it out. In quick succession Douglas hits her back and her buttocks, making sure he doesn’t harm her in any way. Instinctively Jenna tries to dodge the lashes of the whip. Except for her hands, she isn’t limited in her movements. Soon the screaming turns into howling.

Douglas stops as quickly as he has started. Thirty lashes is done. He unties Jenna. Big, fat tears run down her cheeks. Her nipples are hard.
“You stay naked for the rest of the night.”
“Yes, Master,” she sobs.

To be continued… Master Douglas – Nettles

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6 thoughts on “Master Douglas (12) – Punishing Jenna

  1. At the core of what we do between a sadist and a masochist we do care about the other and walk that fine line between giving them what they need but not going over and actually inflicting hurt.

    This is both intense and touching.

  2. Reading past entries it’s easy to think that he doesn’t care and gets what he wants from Jenna but something about this (as harsh as it was) shows a depth of caring that I like…yes, he’s tough and strict and demanding, but he’s not trying to cause real harm. It’s good to see those moments when everything else is so far outside my comfort zone.

    1. He once told me that he gets nothing from playing with anyone who is not willing either. If a sub cannot handle the pain he dishes out, he just doesn’t hurt them. He prefers an ‘equal playfield’, only hurting a sub as much as he knows she can take. He cares for their well-being, even though it’s not always visible in his words, which I translate.

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