Master Douglas (11) – Full Moon

This is the story of Master Douglas, a Belgian Dom who tells me stories from his life, and which I translate for this blog, with his permission. This is not my story, but his.

Continued from… Master Douglas – A Quiet Evening With Jenna

The full moon seems to charge Master Douglas with more sexual feelings than normal.
On this particular Sunday, the moon is full again. Jenna waits for him in the play room – naked. Her legs are spread and she has her hands in her neck. Master Douglas enters and briefly inspects her. Her nipples are hard and her labia spread, just the way he wants it. This is one of his basic requirements for her: before she offers herself, to him she has to harden her nipples and spread her labia.

For several minutes, Douglas looks at her. Jenna has no idea what he has in mind, but from experience her master knows that she dreads what will come. She doesn’t like it, but her desire to submit is much greater than her fear.

Master Douglas binds her breasts tightly until they look like two beautiful balloons and there is room for a loop between them. A spreader bar keeps her ankles apart. He doesn’t tie her arms because he wants her to be able to move. In her armpits the first sweat drops starts to form. Douglas attaches the hook on the tackle to the loop between Jenna’s breasts and pulls her up until only the tips of her toes still touch the floor beneath her. Jenna fights to find some balance and as she does, her breasts are burdened even more. Blood has rushed to them and they are colored and tight and painful. Jenna moans and Master Douglas allows her a couple of minutes to find her calm.

When Douglas returns, Jenna’s breasts are even more swollen than before – a beautiful sight. He touches her belly and her bottom and runs his fingernails over her breasts. It hurts. Jenna moans and bites her lip. Master Douglas hugs her and passionately they kiss, one tongue dancing around the other.
Douglas breaks off the kiss and moves away. He gets the riding crop and the cat-o-nine ready. Jenna knows what will follow. Her breathing quickens. In the meantime, her breasts are starting to change color, which was the cue for Douglas to start.

He picks up the cat-o-nine and moves to stand behind Jenna. A series of lashes rains on her back and bottom. Jenna cries out with every step she takes. Each step pulls on the rope around her breasts and it hurts. Douglas stops until Jenna stands still again. Her hands are not in her neck anymore but supporting her breasts, but Douglas allows this as long as she doesn’t touch the ropes. She’s not only moaning anymore – tears are rolling down her cheeks.

Douglas pushes a finger into Jenna’s cunt. She’s not very wet, but enough for him to spread some of her wetness to her clitoris. This draws a reaction from Jenna. Immediately she moves against her master’s finger, but he withdraws his hand and slaps her cunt hard – three times. She screams.
“Is twenty a good number?” Douglas asks.
“Yes, Master,” Jenna says with a quiver in her voice.
Douglas strikes her twenty times hard and fast on her mound. Jenna roars like an animal as she wriggles and turns. Her breathing is wild.

He moves his finger back to her clitoris and again she rubs herself against his hand. Her mound is red from the beating he has given her. One of the marks runs between her labia. Douglas allows her to frig herself against his hand for long as she wants, but when she nears a climax, he stops.
“Not yet,” he says.
With the cat-o-nine he strikes her over her tummy and partially over her sex. Jenna roars and screams. Her body is covered in sweat and tears. No matter which position she’s in, everything hurts. Douglas notices that she’s reaching her limit. Jenna is tired. He strokes her breasts. They are swollen and tender. He moves back to her clitoris and again he frigs her until she almost climaxes and then he stops.
“Not yet,” he says again and slaps her mound hard, three times.

“Shall we finish it?” he asks.
“Yes please, Master!” Jenna answers between the tears and sobbing.
“You can handle another forty, right?”
Panic shows on her face, but still Jenna answers: “Yes, Master.”
Douglas walks around her, striking her body forty times, slow and continuous. When he stops, he waits for her to settle down. Her screams have been replaced by non-stopped moaning. Douglas fingers her, but Jenna shows little reaction. He keeps on going. She’s wet and soon her orgasm overwhelms her.

Douglas lowers the tackle, removes the spreader bar and helps Jenna to lie down on the bed, on her front. She moans as her upper body crushes her breasts against the bed. They are still bound and painfully sensitive. Douglas opens his pants and pulls out his rock-hard penis. He stands behind her and pulls her butt cheeks apart, looking at her inviting anal opening. In one smooth movement he pushes his hardness deep into her. Jenna moans. She hurts from the whipping, hurts from the pain in her breasts and in her ass. Douglas empties himself in her.

He rolls her over on her back. Her cunt is dripping and sperm leaks from her ass. Douglas is proud if his wife, but he needs more. He touches her cunt, pushes his fingers and then his fist inside her. He turns his hand around inside and fucks her with his fist. He pulls his hand back and then pushes back in up to his wrist. Turning his hand inside her, he strokes Jenna’s clit with his left hand. She squirms and moans and then climaxes again. By then Douglas has another erection. He turns Jenna back onto her front and fucks her ass again.

After his next climax Jenna doesn’t move anymore. He rolls her on her back again and removes the rope. The pain causes her to instinctively grab her purple breasts. Douglas smiles, proud of his wife and the way she has endured his painful lust.

To be continued… Master Douglas: Punishing Jenna

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  1. such a shame that the story has come to an end – i did enjoy all of it – thank You

  2. While I know there are masochists that do love and desire that kind of play and there are sadists that love it as well it is not something that I would want to do. It was difficult in the beginning for me to even come to terms with hitting someone as my upbringing was such that you don’t ever lay a hand on a woman.

  3. I find this kind of kink fascinating when it’s dark erotic fantasy. Knowing it’s real takes some of the eroticism out of it for me. I cannot imagine enduring like Jenna does. Not at all.

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