Master Douglas (10) – A Quiet Evening With Jenna

This is the story of Master Douglas, a Belgian Dom who tells me stories from his life, and which I translate for this blog, with his permission. This is not my story, but his.

Continued from… Master Douglas – About Thirty Years Ago

When Master Douglas comes home – quite late and very tired – Jenna stands at the door, ready to greet him. She’s wearing a short skirt, a top and a collar. Her legs are spread and she has her hands locked in her neck. The top is pulled up over her breasts and she has pulled up her skirt so Douglas can see her cunt.

Scenes from an American disaster movie play on the television. Douglas orders Jenna to undress fully and to get onto the low coffee table next to the couch, on her hands and knees. This way she can continue to watch the movie she has been watching before her master came home.
Douglas goes upstairs to refresh himself and when he comes back downstairs, Jenna is on all fours, still watching her movie.

As he passes her on his way to the couch, he touches her bottom. Douglas lies down on the couch. He has a full view on the television, but also on Jenna. He enjoys the sight of her bottom, her belly and also her tits hanging down under her. Her cunt is opened. This is something he requires from Jenna, that she spreads her cunt lips when she offers herself to him.

When there’s a commercial break on the television, Douglas touches his wife. He pinches her breasts, pulls her buttocks apart and touches her. She’s not wet, which is normal for her. Sitting like this doesn’t excite her. What excites her is to serve her master.
Master Douglas leans back again.
“Do you want to continue watching?” he asks Jenna.
“Yes,” she answers.
With a short riding crop he strikes her hard on the bottom. Jenna cries out.

Half an hour later, Jenna asks whether she’s allowed to go to bed. Sometimes she changes her mind from wanting to watch a movie to not wanting to watch anymore. Douglas strikes her bottom hard again; harder than the first time. Jenna screams in pain.

Master Douglas gets up and pushes his cock into Jenna’s mouth. She sucks him until he gets harder. Then he moves in behind her and fucks her cunt until he climaxes. Afterwards she has to lick him until his penis is clean and only then he speaks.

“You may go to bed.”

To be continued… Master Douglas: Full Moon

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