I’ll Be Back!

I want to be there, to sit on the couch or the bedside table and watch. I want to see her, want to see how he kisses her, how his mouth moves down to her nipples, one after the other and his hand roams her body, finally finding that wet spot between her legs and pushing his fingers deep inside her. I will enjoy the arch of her back as she pushes her nipples deeper into his mouth and tries to get away from his probing fingers because the sensations threaten to overtake her senses.

Sitting on bed, watching Rebel and more…

I imagine her with others. When I close my eyes, I see myself sitting on a bed, somewhere in a hotel, watching her. She’s bent over the bed, facing me and Mister Silent is standing behind her. I’m not the only one watching. Her master watches her too. He wants her to take the pain Mister Silent is about to give her. A spanking starts. I watch the expression on her face. There’s some pain there, but nothing she cannot take. When Mister Silent starts using the whip, there’s more pain. She moans. She tries to get away from the pain of the lashes but at the same time I see the desire in her eyes. She hates the pain but she wants it too much to make it stop. It’s only when the whipping stops and she hears the ‘swish’ of the cane that I see fear in her eyes. Only six strikes is what Mister Silent promises her. He delivers them with military precision, spacing them in time and in placement on her bottom. Rebel wails and screams and cries. A beautiful sight…

It doesn’t stop there. She has to get on her knees – her back is now turned to me and the beautiful parallel lines are visible on her buttocks – and she takes Mister Silent in her mouth. He holds onto her head and pushes his cock into her, fucking her mouth like he would soon be fucking her other holes too.

And, I will be in the lucky position that I can watch it all…

Skelly in the car
This is where I want to be… in the car, going out with Rebel!

… who the hell am I kidding? Rebel has totally forgotten about me. I lay here in my dark coffin and I hear them. I hear her climaxing and I just know that Master T has his fingers buried deep in her cunt. They’ve been doing it more frequently lately, not as frequent as before but they are getting back to it. I hope this means that Rebel is getting back to more things, which will – hopefully – mean that she will get me out of this dark place I have been in for too long. I want to go out with her again, want to see where she goes, experiences what she experiences… oh no wait, I prefer to watch!

It’s almost Halloween, so come on readers, tell reader that she should be kind to me again… please?

And, even if you don’t… I’ll be back!

© Rebel’s Notes

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