That First Squirt

Get to know me - squirting

Get to know me - squirting

I met him when I was 18, the mother of a 2-year old child, and almost from the beginning our sex life was good. He was two years older than me and of course, at that age we all experimented and wanted to discover new things. We were no different, but my sex life back then was definitely not as exciting as it became later, but being in a process of discovering myself, it was damn exciting.

Now, a small side note: I have never been a person to question things that happen. Many things I just took at face value. They are what they are. During our discovery, I never questioned what happened either.

After we were married – he was 22 and I 20 – we moved into our first home as a happy family. One Saturday afternoon – the little one was sleeping – we sat in the living room. I think we were both reading or something like that. I loved to sit on the carpet and that afternoon I did. I sat in the sun that shone into the living room. He sat down next to me. We kissed, we fondled, we hugged, we touched. Soon I was naked from the waist down, my legs spread and my pussy bathing in the hot summer sun. He fingered me and the louder I moaned, the harder he fingered and the deeper he pushed. My orgasm totally overtook me and I was incredibly surprised when fluids spurted over the floor. If I close my eyes, I can still see the wetness on the wooden floor. I never questioned it. Never wondered what it was. Never felt ashamed of it.

It also didn’t happen again for many, many years.

Sometime during my life I learned that what happened that afternoon, is called ‘squirting’. Female ejaculation. Not urine. I also learned that some women felt ashamed when they have squirted for the first time. When I think about my first time, it always brings a smile back to my face. That really was a special afternoon.

I tend to have wet orgasms, but it’s not always because of squirting. There is one person who can make me squirt every time he fingers me: Master T. He knows exactly what to do. It’s not only a matter of fingering me. It’s also not a matter of fingering me and then rubbing my clitoris. No, it’s a careful dance of watching the reactions of my body, of touching me, getting me wet, then fingering me and at the exact right time pulling out and rubbing my clitoris. Only the right combination of touches will get me to spurt my fluids all over his hand and the bed.

Like Molly has said in her post about squirting the squirting orgasms are not the ones that are the most satisfying. Once I have started squirting, I tend to squirt over and over again. The more orgasms I have, the more I want to climax. But, there comes a moment that it’s been enough. There comes a moment where I want the ‘big one’- an orgasm that consumes my entire body from top to toe, that leaves my cunt sensitive, that sates me.

I love squirting orgasms, but I love the big ones a lot better!

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