Mystery Vibe: Crescendo

Back in 2015,when MysteryVibe still had a crowdfunding campaign running for their first toy – the Crescendo – I was contacted with the question whether I would have any interest to test the toy. We met the founder of MysteryVibe at Eroticon 2015, but by then the toy was not ready yet to be tested. Halfway through this year I was contacted again – MysteryVibe was ready to send me the Crescendo for my unbiased review.

Packaging & Contents

The Crescendo comes in a beautiful black box, wrapped with plastic, and has MysteryVibe printed on it in gold lettering. There’s a kind of sleeve around the box and when you remove that, the box has ‘Crescendo’ printed on it, yet again in gold lettering. Inside the box you find the toy, a beautiful pouch to keep it, , the USB charging cable, a circular platform on which the toy is charged, a warranty card and the instructions on how to use the toy. The packaging is done in a really beautiful and stylish way!



Shape ‘n Size & Material

The Crescendo is the only toy I have ever owned (and that I know of) that can be bent in any way I want. Okay, not sideways, but I can bend it ‘forwards’ and ‘backwards’ in any angle I want to stimulate just where I want it to stimulate.
It is made of body safe velvety soft silicon.

How does it work?

For starters you have to charge the toy. Connect the USB cable either to a laptop or a wall socket and then to the circular charging platform. Put the wider part (with the two ‘flaps pointing upward) of the Crescendo on the platform and there you go, it’s charging.

The Crescendo has 6 different motors in it, which makes for interesting vibration patterns. To get it started, just press any button and then you can use the + and – buttons to increase or decrease the intensity, or the < and > buttons to move through the vibration settings.

You can also use the Mystery Vibe app to download more vibration patterns to your toy. It is also possible to operate your Crescendo by using the app.

This toy is not only for women, but also for men. Men can bend it to ‘hug’ their penis or ‘wound’ it around the penis. It can also be used by couples. The tip is supposed to be quite intense and lovely for G-spot stimulation.

There is quite an extensive FAQ (on the site of MysteryVibe to help you with the Crescendo.

My experience with & opinion of the product

I was totally intrigued by the Crescendo and really excited to try it. I first thought that I had to operate it through the app, but later learned that the app was only for downloading different vibrations to the toy. I have tried to figure it out, but I still have no idea how I have to download the vibrations. I will have to search the Internet for that, so might come back here to add a note when I have finally found it.

Other than that, I did manage to use the Crescendo, bending it in different directions, feeling it buzz away against my G-spot, but somehow I couldn’t climax. No matter which pattern I used, I never got near my orgasm. The toy only helped to get me wet, to get me ready, but I had to use another toy to ‘finish the job’. Maybe this was because I was wondering about how I should use the app and being distracted by checking the instructions again to see whether I have missed something there. I have no idea, but I was a bit disappointed that the toy didn’t bring me an orgasm. The Crescendo is so beautiful and so stylishly packed that I wanted it to be good in the orgasm department too!

However, as said, I have more exploring to do with the Crescendo…

Where to buy?

You can buy the MysteryVibe Crescendo directly from their site.

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