Natural Habitat

There’s just something about being naked in nature…

I love the smell of nature,

I love to feel the breeze kiss my skin,

I love to hear the sounds of birds in the trees,

And what I love the most, is that someone just might see me.

me in nature
When I am outside, and especially when I am naked, it feels like I am in my natural habitat.

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19 thoughts on “Natural Habitat

  1. Couldn’t agree more with you! It’s really the most wonderful feeling! And you look perfect in nature. I remember your similar shots a few weeks ago and adored them too!
    Aurora x

  2. Great to see you enjoying yourself in the countryside.
    There’s a lovely expression in Pinter’s play
    No Man’s Land which refers to people who spy on others in the countryside as ‘betwixt twig peepers’ xxx

  3. When we retired we lived on our sail boat. Except when we were port we were naked. Before the boat, we lived near a clothing option beach and visited most weekends the weather permitted. When we moved from the boat, the house we bought had a secluded pool and again time and place to be naked. Once when we were driving to the beach and were a mile or two away, Mrs SW remarked “my cloths feel like they want to jump ff and run away”

  4. I agree.. I love being naked while outside in a nature… my favorite is dancing naked in the rain. I’m not able to do that very often anymore. Too many neighbors have moved in the area and my secluded spots are disappearing.

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