Eye Candy

It’s such a damn cliché, I know, but really, every time I see him – I’ll continue to call him David – every time I see him I get wet. Terribly wet. Deliciously wet. It’s not only because he really is eye candy. No, there’s more, but it all boils down to one thing:

I haz the hotz for him!

I know it’s mutual. I see it in the way he looks at me. His eyes tell me that he’s horny, that he wants me. Whenever he can, he touches me. He calls me darling and hugs me when I walk in or when he leaves. He always finds an excuse to kiss my cheek. Most of the time his kiss is so close to my mouth that you cannot even call it a ‘kiss on the cheek’ anymore.

He has a girlfriend now. A lovely woman. Seriously lovely and they really look good together. They ARE good together. I hope for him that she’s the one as he has started several relationships over the past months and none of them was a success. He’s been with this lady longer now than all the others combined. And I really, really like her. He’s in good hands with her.

But, to be honest, I don’t think he’s fully faithful to her. Now I have no idea whether they have decided that their relationship will be more or less open, and there’s no way I am going to start on it. I still have the feeling that if David gets half a chance, he will fuck me. Ever since he has said that he doesn’t want to fuck me with Master T in the room, we have not talked about it.

But his eyes… every time I look in his eyes, I know,

He still wants me. He lusts after me as much as I would love for him to fuck me. We sit at the bar and our eyes meet. He has this piercing look, as if signaling a message before he winks at me or, if I sit close to him, touches my arm. A couple of weeks ago I didn’t sit at the bar as I was working on my laptop at one of the tables. He had been outside, smoking and when he walked back in, he came straight to me and sat down next to me, hugging e close to him. As he did, he whispered in my ear: “Your legs are gorgeous.”

I blushed and thanked him, but he repeated it and as he did, his eyes traveled down my body towards my legs and it was pure lust I saw. I love it. It makes me feel good to be so wanted, so desired. Somehow, I would love for our mutual desire to become more than just a fantasy – I want for him to fuck me the way I know he wants to.

On the other hand I wonder… if it happens… if he fucks me… will it be as good as I now think it will be? Or will it be a huge deception? Maybe some things should alway be only a fantasy. Maybe some fantasies should never become reality. Maybe the ultimate pleasure he and I will ever have is making eye contact and knowing we desire each other.


I think for now I will just keep on enjoying the fact that a young man half my age lusts after me like David does. It’s a damn good feeling!

PS: The series Half My Age is about this young man, and me, and Master T.

PSS: Last night we went to a bar and David was there too. He sat between Master T and me (because Master T invited him too) and each moment he could, he touched my ass, kneading my flesh, making me wetter than I already was. Later he texted me that he really wants to fuck me…

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8 thoughts on “Eye Candy

  1. Ooh… the plot thickens! It’s great how much can be said with a look – you definitely don’t need to hear out loud that someone wants to bang in order to know they do… the act of being looked up and down, of being devoured with someone’s eyes, is so arousing! (Caveat: As long as you’re attracted to that person! ><)

  2. ive been presented the opportunity for someone else to fuck me on many occasions since ive been with my husband. one even mentioned the fact he’d love to get in my pants while my husband was sitting across the table from him AND his wife. they both cheat on each other.
    we were at a halloween party at their house one year, i ended up working late, and came straight from work to the party. as it happened i had a presentation to a new client on a multi million dollar project that day, i was dressed appropriately, button down blouse, black pinstripe skirt/jacket and heels. everyone at the party figured it was a naughty secretary costume.
    long story short, but the host, cornered me outside while i was having a smoke, played along to see how far he’d go.
    i’d unbuttoned my blouse to let him see more cleavage, and the lacy bra i was wearing, and was slowly hiking up my skirt higher and higher. the more leg i showed the more excited he got. the tops of my stockings appeared, then my garter belt, and soon the lacy fabric of the matching thong i was wearing. ( my husband had helped me get dressed for the meeting, and wouldnt let me wear pantyhose, and picked out my matching undies) i’d felt kinda naughty all day long just knowing that nobody in the office knew what i had on underneath my suit.)

    i was getting a little wet between my legs, i started wondering how far i’d go now, would i let him fuck me or not?
    i glanced down at him,his pants were down, and he was tugging on his shorts trying to pull them down.. my finger found my clit and i started to circle it slowly, he stood there like a deer in the headlights, he couldnt believe what i was doing.
    i had a small orgasm, composed myself quickly, and told him ” ok you’ve seen mine, lets see what ya got”
    well…. it was quite a disappointment ? a 3″ erect dick was just barely hanging out of his shorts i tried not to giggle when i told him, “thats not nearly enough for me, my husband’s finger is bigger than that!”
    i pulled my skirt back down, buttoned up my blouse and went back inside. he came back in a couple minutes later like nothing had happened

    1. Great story! You could rewrite that as fiction but with a better hotter ending – maybe even get your hubby involved (saving you from disappointment?) perhaps. 🙂

    2. Nice story. You should consider starting your own blog. I bet you have a lot more stories to tell…

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