Master Douglas (9) – About Thirty Years Ago

This is the story of Master Douglas, a Belgian Dom who tells me stories from his life, and which I translate for this blog, with his permission. This is not my story, but his.

Continued from… Master Douglas: Stacy’s Youth

For the first time ever, Master Douglas takes Jenna to a club. She is wearing a short, low cut pink dress and a collar. There’s a leash attached to the collar, which Douglas holds loosely in his hand. Jenna is nervous. Her tits are clearly accentuated in the tight dress. Guests sitting in the low chairs get a good look at Jenna’s bottom. Douglas walks slowly through the club so everyone can admire his slave. Jenna has no idea what to expect and looks around skittish and shy. It’s quiet. Most of the guests are having a drink, some of them with a sub at their side. Douglas stops at the torture room but there’s no one inside.

He notices Jenna’s trembling legs and searches for a table for the two of them. Douglas finds a rectangular table and takes place at the head of it, while leading Jenna to stand next to the table where there’s no chair. He pulls the leash tighter until her upper body rests on the table. Jenna nervously looks at her master, realizing that her bottom is naked and visible to everyone in the club. Master Douglas orders a drink for himself and lovingly runs his fingers through Jenna’s hair. Occasionally other guests come over to admire her bottom and her cunt, which was exposed too. Jenna blushes heavily, but stays in position.

Douglas symbolically ties the leash to the table leg, runs his hand through Jenna’s hair once more and gives her a kiss. Then he leans backwards, opens his pants and pulls his cock out. Jenna is startled by his openness. Douglas’s cock is hard and ready. He stands up, moves in behind Jenna and unceremoniously fucks her. When he’s done he buttons his pants, sits down and orders another drink. Jenna’s dress has slid up to expose her entire bottom. Sperm drips from the open slit between her legs. Master Douglas reaches into his pocket and places condoms on the table.

While he lovingly strokes her hair, a man walks towards them. He looks at Master Douglas for permission, gets a nod, takes a condom and puts it on. The man enters Jenna, who anxiously watches Douglas. He smiles at her and watches as the expression on her face changes when the man pushes deep into her.

Now that the example has been given, the candidates form a circle around Master Douglas and Jenna.

“Master, I’m going to come,” Jenna whispers.

Douglas smiles.

A moan escapes Jenna when she climaxes – a moan that doesn’t escape the attention of the men waiting around her. Each next candidate barely awaits his turn to replace the one before him.

To be continued… Master Douglas – A Quiet Evening With Jenna

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  1. Based on how the story up to this point has been told, I imagine this wasn’t discussed or negotiated ahead of time (although if it was, I stand corrected). That being said, I could imagine myself in a similar kind of position with John Brownstone by my side…at least in my fantasies.

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