Master Douglas (8) – Stacy’s Youth

This is the story of Master Douglas, a Belgian Dom who tells me stories from his life, and which I translate for this blog, with his permission. This is not my story, but his.

Continued from… Master Douglas – Rewarding & Tasking Jenna

Master Douglas and Jenna always kept their M/s relationship away from their daughter, but Stacy was curious and at a young age she discovered some of their toys and implements. From about the age of thirteen Stacy’s life revolves around sex – it’s one of the most important things in her life, and sometimes it seems she’s bordering on being a nymphomaniac.

It was quite innocent when she started masturbating, even though it didn’t always go unnoticed, because her parents could hear her. After some time, Douglas and Jenna noticed that Stacy masturbated many times a day. She had a kind of ritual: masturbating before she went to school in the morning and masturbating when she returned home again. Coming home from school she took off her lingerie. Her exhibitionist nature had her sitting in the chair, her legs pulled up while wearing a short dress, giving a full view on her crotch, not minding that her parents saw her. At first they tried to get her to not do it, but eventually they just let go and pretended not to notice. In the evenings when they watched television as a family, Stacy would masturbate secretly under a blanket. One night Douglas told her that if it was that urgent, she shouldn’t do it in secret.

Once her parents started keeping an eye on Stacy’s actions, they noticed that she frequently used different objects when she masturbated. Those were everyday household objects, until Stacy discovered her parents’ toys, then she started using those. Soon boys – and girls – came into play. Literally. They were there for only one purpose: sex. After her studies, Stacy moved out to live on her own, which meant she could do anything she wanted sexually. She participated in several gangbangs and other sexual activities and wasn’t secretive about it towards her parents.

Douglas has asked himself many times whether he and Jenna had made mistakes in raising Stacy as free as they did. Should they have been stricter with her? Forbidden her to express her sexuality the way she did? Douglas had asked himself this many times. They – Douglas and Jenna – had given Stacy the freedom to express her exhibitionism and it had definitely influenced him, Douglas. The way Stacy was always open about her sexuality, endeared him. They never had a traditional family situation in the house. Jenna was the slave and she lived according to this role. Stacy never knew better.

Watching and being watched is something Stacy really liked and still likes. She sometimes made videos of herself – for her own use – to look back on what she had been doing. It was from early in her puberty that Stacy discovered the joys her cunt could bring her. Stacy is much more like her father than her mother. Still Douglas asked himself whether he should have had more rules for Stacy. On the one hand, Stacy is still his little girl, but on the other she’s a sex beast. She can’t go for longer than four hours without an orgasm.

Now, with Stacy being an adult woman, she still comes to her parents to visit and she’s free to indulge in her needs. When she wants to masturbate, she does, even when her parents are in the room. Douglas sees when she masturbates, but that’s the line. He doesn’t ever want to cross the line to have sex with his daughter. He talks with her a lot, and learned that she loves anal stimulation. Even when she is exhausted, an anal fisting can totally revive and energize her for her next orgasm. To Stacy anal stimulation is relaxing. When Nina fists her ass, she uses a lot of lube and has one hand in Stacy’s ass and the other in her cunt.

Even though Douglas appreciates that he can talk to his daughter about anything, he’s afraid it might lead to more. He’s afraid that she wants him to cross a line he doesn’t want to cross. Stacy gives Douglas the impression that she wants to demonstrate some of the things she does, and on the other hand she wants to watch when he is in a session. Douglas will never let her watch when he is busy with Jenna.

Stacy always wants to experience something new. Some of the things that she did, she did only once because she wanted the experience. Once she did, the fascination was gone. Douglas doesn’t know what Stacy’s exact motives are and he is afraid to cross a line. He’s afraid that because he had always allowed her to do what she wanted, he might not be able to stop her when she’s about to cross a line. He has never pushed her in a direction whether it’s her relationships, professionally or her studies. She has always made her own choices. This has nothing to do with spoiling her, because he has always watched over her choices to make sure she didn’t do any stupid things.

He allowed her the exhibitionism inside the house, as long as she behaved towards the outside world.

One thing Douglas would never forget, is the stairs in their house. The wooden railing has square knobs of 6×6 centimeter. The knobs have rounded corners and stick out about ten centimeters. For many years Stacy was happy to just rub herself against those knobs, but it was clear that the time would come that she would try to get that inside her. As she grew older, she tried. She was about seventeen when she tried it for the umpteenth time. Douglas was in his home office, which was just across from the stairs and was paying no attention to the sounds coming from the stairs. By then he was used to Stacy masturbating audibly several times a day. Suddenly she cried out and he immediately knew that she had pushed herself over the knob. Douglas went to her, because he thought she might have hurt herself. The knob was entirely inside her and her body convulsed in the strength of her orgasm. He took her hand and helped her off the knob and with that, in his arms, she reached another orgasm. He didn’t ask for this to happen. It just did and it always stayed with him.

It’s still in his mind.

To be continued… Master Douglas: About Thirty Years Ago

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  1. mmmmmm i am enjoying reading alll of this so much
    hope you have a sexciting weekend

  2. Wow. This one took my breath away (and not necessarily in a positive way). It’s too late to second guess how things could have been different but I feel like some of this goes beyond “freedom of sexual expression” to something else that’s darker – not evil, but definitely out of my own comfort zone for sure. But as a parent, I realize that at a certain point kids become who they are, regardless of whatever influence you try to exert over them – and I wonder if this is just who she is, even if I don’t understand it at all. Fascinating – I might not get it, but I definitely can’t look away.

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