Master Douglas (7) – Rewarding & Tasking Jenna

This is the story of Master Douglas, a Belgian Dom who tells me stories from his life, and which I translate for this blog, with his permission. This is not my story, but his.

Continued from… Master Douglas – Using Jenna

It is almost impossible to reward Jenna. She gets a kick from submitting herself to the will of Master Douglas, from being tortured and dominated and humiliated. Those are things she doesn’t particularly like, but doing the things on command, that gives her a kick; that moves and satisfy her.

When Master Douglas asks her if she wants to masturbate or if she wants to do something else sexually, she says no to both. She wants to be ordered.
For her age she still gets quite wet and rather quickly too, but having an orgasm is difficult. Master Douglas frequently forces her to have an orgasm, whether it’s through an order or through his ministrations. If he wants her to climax, she has to. She has more orgasms per week than the average woman of her age.

Stacy had caught Jenna twice when she was masturbating. Jenna had climaxed without permission, but Master Douglas didn’t reprimand her for this as he saw it as a reward for Jenna’s total submission to him. Up to today, Jenna doesn’t know that Stacy had seen her or that she had told her father about Jenna’s orgasms.

Back before their M/s relationship and in the early days of their ‘normal’ relationship, Jenna masturbated a lot, even though they had sex daily. She never avoided things that could give her an orgasm. If they went to the spa she always sat in the jacuzzi in front of a water spout and allowed the force of the water to bring her to a silent orgasm. Jenna never asks for an orgasm, but Stacy is different. She will masturbate in her parents presence and only asks if ‘it’ bothers them, which mostly it doesn’t.

If Jenna feels the need to climax, she does so when Douglas fucks her. She always warns him in time that she’s about to come, so he can deny it if he feels like it. Sometimes Master Douglas stimulates Jenna’s clitoris to test the possibilities. Depending on his goal for such a sessions – allowing an orgasm or denying it – he stimulates her every fifteen or twenty minutes and keeps at it for an entire day. He does the same to Alice, to see how far she can go and how longs he lasts. Douglas has never done this with Nina, as the only thing that’s between them are the spankings, but he is curious to know how she would react to this treatment.

When Douglas tasks Jenna with compulsory masturbation he determines beforehand in what position she should masturbate and the points of time she has to do it. When they have visitors, Jenna still has to perform the task and then she has permission to do it in the bathroom. Sometimes these tasks lasts 12 hours. Jenna is not allowed to masturbate for longer than ten minutes and she doesn’t always reach an orgasm. When they have visitors, she is to keep an eye on the time and has to go masturbate when it’s time – either in the bathroom or, when they have no visitors, in the living room where Master Douglas can see her. This task always happens between 8 in the morning and 8 in the evening and Jenna either has to masturbate every thirty minutes or with a maximum of twenty-five times during a specific time span.

Jenna is not young anymore, and this makes it fascinating to Master Douglas when he sees how hard she works to perform her task as well as possible. She also has to keep count of her orgasms.

To be continued… Master Douglas – Stacy’s Youth

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  1. They still (mostly) fascinate me but I wonder if her body responds the way it does because of the frequency of her masturbation – not on the orgasms but on how wet she gets. Is it possible that for some people, it’s a use it or lost it thing?

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