Master Douglas (6) – Using Jenna

This is the story of Master Douglas, a Belgian Dom who tells me stories from his life, and which I translate for this blog, with his permission. This is not my story, but his.

Continued from… Master Douglas – Slave Alice

In order to give a full picture of the different relationships Master Douglas are in, some more things need to be told to give the full background picture.

It was mentioned that Jenna’s inner labia is totally stretched out from years of torture during their BDSM sessions. Master Douglas has frequently hung heavy weights on her labia and sometimes he urged her to drag big objects which were tied to her labia in one or other way. Master Douglas is very proud of how Jenna has endure this and feels she should be proud of her labia, because of how they have grown to be like they are. However, at the same time he understands that it is difficult to get the labia in a thong or bikini pants. Not only her labia, but also her breasts have been altered by continuous torture over the years.

Master Douglas ‘uses’ the stretched labia for humiliation and submission. When they go to the beach and Jenna cannot get the labia tucked into her bikini bottoms, he tells her to allow others to look at her. Sometimes when he used a dildo on her, the stretched inner labia tends to go inside with the dildo, which gives extra pain.

During the week Douglas fucks Jenna once or twice a day, but Jenna doesn’t always have the need to climax. Weekends and holidays are difficult and tiring for Jenna. Douglas notices that his mind wants more than his body sometimes can give – his ages plays a role – which means when he wants to penetrate Jenna more than he physically can, he uses a dildo instead. Sometimes Jenna says she has to climax, but then Douglas stops the penetration. This orgasm denial can go on for weeks. Master Douglas always fucks Jenna after a session.

There are three kinds of dildos Master Douglas uses on Jenna. One is a ‘normal’ dildo which is not too long and not too thick and which he uses for very quick penetration. The second is a thick one with an irregular form and the last is not too long and not thick either, but with a handle that he pushes hard against her labia. He always uses lube, because Jenna doesn’t get wet enough by herself. Jenna is also penetrated anally but she never climaxes from that. Jenna’s clit, however, is very sensitive and brings her to orgasm quickly.

One afternoon Master Douglas told Jenna to stand on her hands and knees with her shoulders on the bed so her cunt and ass opened up nicely for him. He wanted to work with two dildos. For about twenty minutes he penetrated her in two ways: both dildos together, one in each opening and alternating pushing into the vaginal opening and out of the anal, and vice versa. He fucked her at different speeds. After twenty minutes he removed both dildos and ordered Jenna to keep the position and masturbate. After about five minutes of masturbating, she climaxed, but it was a ‘normal’ climax, nothing all consuming or full of fireworks. Anal stimulation does nothing for Jenna and she only climaxes by stimulating her clitoris.

Submission to Jenna means to do what Master Douglas orders her to do so he could use her like he desires. Climaxing is a reward she seldom asks for.

Sometimes, when he has a day off, Master Douglas secures Jenna to the tackle for an entire afternoon. He loves the view and each moment he wants, he penetrates her, whether it’s with his penis, a dildo, his fist or even a bottle of wine, from which he has poured a glass. He loves to use her as a bottle holder. Unfortunately the wine warms up. When the bottle is half full, he turns it around and pours the rest of the wine into Jenna’s cunt. The wine that runs out of her is caught up in a glass and that is Jenna’s share of the wine. There are times that Master Douglas has to use lube, and when he’s in the mood, he slaps Jenna on her cunt.

To be continued… Master Douglas – Rewarding & Tasking Jenna

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  1. My mind can’t fathom the stretched labia or altered breasts because of how he uses her body, but the idea of being used turns me on – even though I wouldn’t want that kind or level of us myself.

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