Blue Shadows

Rebel in blue
The title says it all…

© Rebel’s Notes

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Sinful Sunday

21 thoughts on “Blue Shadows

  1. I love the blue panties over the fishnets. I can just imagine slowly peeling off the panties and then fingering you through the fishnets…
    (if you were my wife, of course)

  2. I know this is meant to be about the blue knickers but your hair in this image is what catches me eye. It is such a beautiful colour


  3. So much going on here. I particularly like the way your body casts a shadow – then with your blue knickers and fishnets – love fishnets. And your hair – as always – is gorgeous against your skin

  4. Reflections from a women’s beautiful inspiring perfection! Gratitude from the mind of a critical thinking man!

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