A Year Ago

This month a year ago, we spent a lovely weekend with Sophia and her partner. I still have some images to share, like this one below, where I hugged Sophia from behind. Just thinking about her soft body pressing against mine makes me want to be with her again…

Sophia and me in nature
A splash of beauty in nature…

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22 thoughts on “A Year Ago

  1. I love it!

    The red human colours and the green of nature.

    And the affection and pleasure it conveys.

    A really beautiful image!

  2. Lovely. The green of the trees, the red dress and you behind. In particular the contrast of your hair. Love this xx

  3. I love the way her head is thrown back in ecstasy, and the light coming through the trees around you is so sensual. This is a lush photo!

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